Polls Shows That Palestinians Favor Hamas, Claim They Won the Gaza War!

For fifty days, both Israel and Palestine - through Gaza - suffered an ordeal that would result in thousands of lives lost and millions of dollars in damage. The Gaza War was one of the biggest events to occur this year for world news and The Inquisitr reported daily on the latest happenings. Apparently, it seems that the cease-fire agreement between both countries has been challenged as Gaza fired rockets at Israel on two separate occasions. The first was rocket attack was listed as a "false alarm" by the Israel Defense Force (IDF), while the second rocket is now recognized as an attack.

Nevertheless, most news outlets have reported on the Gaza War. This war favored Israel when it came to executed operations and military tactics, but not so much for the propaganda war. Now there are reports that may push the propaganda war even more as it reports a Palestinian poll shows that the Palestinians believe that Hamas were the winners of the Gaza War.

According to Los Angeles Times, 70 percent of Palestinians believe that the Islamist terror group known as Hamas won the 50-Day War with Israel. The poll that released on Tuesday of last week was conducted by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Through it, they found an overwhelming support for Hamas and its leadership. They also found far less approval for Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, and his Fatah Party.

What is very peculiar about the results of this poll is its irony. More than 2,100 Palestinians - mostly civilians - were killed. That number is a landslide compared to the 70 Israelis - most of them soldiers - who were killed. Let's not forget the massive number of air strikes and bombings the IDF has executed resulting to many enclaves of debris and rubble. Israel hardly sustained any damage whatsoever thanks to their Iron Dome defense system.

So why did the Palestinians believe the Hamas won? Perhaps it is because the Hamas was able to win the sympathy of the world and convince the UN to blame Israel for the war. The Palestinians may also believe that by surviving for 50 days while every nation on earth applied non-stop pressure on Israel to stop defending the Jewish state against more than 2500 missiles from Gaza indicates that the world no longer supports Israel. Certainly, the Palestinians are winning the propaganda war as the world slips back into its old ways of looking at the Jewish people and their aspirations for a Jewish homeland in Israel.

However, there is one detail in the poll that should be taken seriously. About 42 percent of Palestinians are now supporting a military struggle against Israel as reported by Times of Israel. This means more Palestinians are backing violence as an answer to their conflict with the Israeli State.

What are your opinions about the Gaza War? Do you agree with the Palestinians that the Hamas won the Gaza War?