On Their Way To A Game Where A Protest Was Planned, The Washington Redskins’ Team Bus Crashed

A Washington Redskins team bus was involved in a fender-bender on the way to the team’s game at TCF Bank Satdium in Minneapolis against the Minnesota Vikings, WTTG is reporting.

At about 8:30 a.m., as the Washington Redskins team buses was being escorted to the stadium by a Minnesota State Patrol police escort for the noon (Central Time) game, one of the police vehicles hit a guard rail and came to rest in front of the buses. The first bus braked, and the second bus was unable to stop in time, rear-ending the first bus.

Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske confirmed, via ESPN, that there were at least two injuries in the bus crash; the driver of the patrol car was sent to the hospital, and at least one bus passenger sustained injuries as well.

Redskins player Pierre Garçon, and Chase Haslett (son of Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett) took to Twitter to remind the fans that everyone on the team is okay.

A backup bus eventually arrived and got the team to the station, which was only about half a mile away, according to CBS News.

The Redskins team bus was not only its way to a game, but to a planned protest as well. As CBS News reports, Native American activists planned a large-scale protest against the Redskins name, which many believe is offensive, outside of the game today, and were hoping that at least 5,000 people would show up.

Vanessa Goodthunder, a member of the University of Minnesota’s Indian Student Cultural Center, said that she hopes the Redskins officials will be swayed by large number of protesters.

“To come here, they’re seeing the power of our voices here in this place.”

A Redskins team official declined to comment on the protest.

“Whatever the politics going on outside the stadium will happen outside the stadium.”

As of this post, at least one Redskins player has missed playing time because of the bus crash; running back Silas Redd was ruled inactive because of back spasms he suffered after the crash.

[Image courtesy of: Mother Jones]