‘I Hate Fox News!’ Santa Cruz Man Assaults Halloween Reveler Wearing Fox News Anchor Costume

A man partying with 15,000 others at Santa Cruz’ annual Halloween bash took exception to another partier’s costume choice — a Fox News anchor costume — and assaulted the victim with an aluminum tennis racket, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting.

The unidentified victim said that Sean Kory, 29, approached him or her, grabbed their microphone prop, said “I hate Fox News,” made an obscene gesture with the microphone, then assaulted the victim with an aluminum tennis racket. The victim called police, who tracked Kory down and arrested him. He or she was not injured.

Clearly, a conservative news anchor costume is a bold choice for a Halloween party in liberal Santa Cruz.

He definitely doesn't look very conservative.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Halloween is a big event in the city, bringing over 15,000 revelers to downtown, and keeping the Santa Cruz Police Department busy. Every year, police make dozens of arrests for routine things like underage drinking, public intoxication, open containers of alcohol, and the like. But there are always the more serious problems, too, like assaults or gang violence.

Here are some of the more… alarming arrests made at this year’s Santa Cruz Halloween bash.

  • A 12-year-old gangbanger was arrested for carrying a hammer fashioned into a weapon; he told police he carried it because he was afraid of attacks from rival gangs.
  • Three adult gangbangers were arrested on weapons charges at a parking garage near the Halloween festivities.
  • At least two arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) were made, according to SF Bay, with at least one suspect fighting with officers.
  • A man in an “Edward Scissorhands” Halloween costume was cited for vandalism after he was caught cutting trees on city property.

Elsewhere around the country, several cities, including Windsor, Connecticut, have dealt with rumors of crime sprees carried out by juveniles inspired by the movie The Purge, in which one night is given over to criminals to commit crimes without legal consequences. Fortunately, all of those rumors have failed to amount to any real crime sprees.

As of this post, it is unclear whether or not the Santa Cruz Fox News Halloween assailant was in costume, or why he had a tennis racket.

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