TNA News: Dixie Carter Once Used A Credit Card To Fund ‘Impact Wrestling’

Few minds in the wrestling industry consider TNA a joke that is on the verge of extinction. While I may agree with that statement, Impact Wrestling does not feel the same way. In fact, they are confident going into the latter-stages of their agreement with Spike TV. Luckily for Dixie Carter and company, they elected to renew their agreement until the end of 2014. Without Spike, TNA wouldn’t be on television in the United States.

There are backstage updates on TNA actually staying on with Spike TV, but for less money. Spike would take a risk there, because TNA’s ratings are horrendous for a Wednesday night television program. On good nights, Total Divas outdoes Impact Wrestling in the ratings. This is where Carter needs to be desperate and the writing has no choice but to improve.

Hopefully, like Paul Heyman in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Carter can find ways to stay on TV by any means necessary. Carter gave a speech at Ole Miss and talked about her early days in TNA.

“Dixie talks about being president of TNA Dixie Carter and mentions how WWE is her biggest competitor. Dixie says she started funding TNA with a credit card, something she wouldn’t suggest. She also shows a TNA promo video. Dixie graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1986 with a Bachelor of Business Administration.”

Give Carter a ton of props for doing that in the early days of TNA. Only a dedicated owner would go to a credit card for funding. Then again, a wise business professional knows the real ways to generate money in a product that just won’t sell. Impact Wrestling owns the wrestling ability, but their talent isn’t up to par with WWE and the writing is flat-out awful.

Without the revenue needed to put on a successful live product, they will continue to silently fall into obscurity. It’s sad because those are people’s jobs at stake. WWE won’t want nearly any of the wrestlers TNA employs right now. That’s a crazy sentiment, because Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe are unbelievable in the ring. Hopefully, the Dudley Boyz come back to the WWE and bring some of their boys back with them.

Now, there were rumors that TNA did finalize a deal. Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed, and the TNA Universe is sitting and waiting for something to happen. There is a realistic possibility that TNA won’t be on television in 2015 in the United States, which is there biggest demographic. If Carter wants to stay in business, she’s going to need more than a credit card to save her wrestling promotion.

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