‘Fast And Furious 7’: Is This The End? If Not, These Actors Should Be Cast

The trailer for upcoming action flick Fast and Furious 7 was recently released. The clip featured the fast-paced action we’ve come to associate with this long-running franchise. Even though the exciting trailer got fans excited for the next movie, it’s hard not to see the deceased Paul Walker and feel a pang of sadness. It’s widely believed that Furious 7 (the shortened name of the Fast and Furious sequel) may very well be the last of the series.

It makes sense. Paul Walker died in a horrific car accident nearly one year ago. Fellow Fast And Furious actor Vin Diesel is unlikely to be back for another go. Like Walker, Diesel is a core member of the franchise. Though there are other popular characters who came along in later sequels (Michelle Rodriguez returned to the series in Fast and Furious 6), these two are practically synonymous with the movies. Losing both actors could be considered a death blow to the series, and make this movie seem like a logical conclusion.

However, what if the series were continued? What actors could possibly step in to create enough buzz to breathe new life into these movies? If Fast and Furious 7 isn’t the end game, then these people should be feature in the next movie.

Ryan Gosling

One thing about the Fast And Furious franchise is that it loves to collect actors associated with driving in movies. Gosling portrayed a stunt man that works as a getaway driver in the aptly titled Drive:

Though he has name recognition, Gosling is the sort of actor that hasn’t quite achieved the level of fame that you’d think him capable of. Perhaps featuring in a popular, fun franchise can help him connect to a wider audience?

Burt Reynolds

If Kurt Russell can feature in this series, then so can Burt Reynolds. As for “speeding outlaw” roles, Reynolds earned his street cred opposite Sally Fields in cult classic Smokey And The Bandit.

Burt Reynold’s reported financial troubles could make the actor quite keen to get work, so he may be more than willing to say yes to at least a cameo appearance.

Aaron Paul

The Breaking Bad actor may be known far and wide as beloved Walter White protege Jesse Pinkman, but earlier this year he starred in a movie called Need for Speed. It’s about (what else) a street racer, one who gets out of prison after servicing time for a crime he did not commit.

It definitely looks like Paul would be about to keep up with the Fast and Furious franchise.

Furious 7 is due to be released on April 4, 2015.

What actors or actresses do you think should be considered for an eighth Fast And Furious movie? Do you think the sequels should stop?

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