Hundreds Of Palestinians Rounded Up By Egypt And Forced To Flee Their Homes For Buffer Zone

Despite reports, as well as video footage from the AFP News Agency channel, showing Palestinian houses on the Gaza/Sinai border being blown up in impressive plumes of smoke, the world has remained largely silent about the atrocity.

Palestinian families who have made their homes on the border with Sinai, part of the south of Egypt, were reportedly rounded up by armed soldiers and forced to flee their homes in order to make way for a much needed security buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt.

As part of the buffer zone plan, Egypt is seizing and evacuating all homes and farmland up to 1,640 feet into Gaza, all along eight mile stretch of border. A channel with a depth and width of 65 feet will also be dug along the Gaza border to prevent tunnels and terror activities.

Arabic-language channel Sky News reported that as of last week, 200 families living in the buffer zone area defined by Egypt had accepted a financial package to compensate the abandonment of their homes, but around 680 more families were still refusing to leave.

In the video footage, Egyptian tanks and helicopters can be seen over a Palestinian Gazan town as armed soldiers go house-by-house and residents flee with all of their belongings loaded into cars, before cranes knock down their homes and explosions finish the job.

The buffer zone is being implemented by Egypt following two lethal terror attacks two weeks ago, in which at least 31 Egyptian soldiers were killed in El-Arish in the Sinai by a suicide bombing and a shooting attack.

According to Egyptian intelligence, the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis jihadists, members of a group sympathetic to ISIS, who carried out the deadly attacks, received their weapons from the Hamas terrorists of Gaza.

As the Egyptians are sure that Hamas provided the weapons for the attacks they are now taking long-awaited action to curtail the influx of terror into the country.