'Clash Of Clans' Still Dominating Despite New Big-Name Competition

Aaron Turpen

The extremely popular Clash of Clans massive multiplayer online (MMO) game continues to see huge amounts of income and interest from players. This despite the MMO having new competition from big names like Disney and Rovio hoping to take a chunk of Clash of Clans' big share of the mobile space.

Like any online game, of course, the longevity of Clash of Clans may be short or long, depending on the fickle nature of online game players. For now, interest is high, with some outlets like the Air Herald blaming Clans for real-world losses in sports, of all things. But even down time for Clash when servers stopped cooperating, as reported by the Inquisitr, doesn't slow down the online gaming juggernaut.

Clash of Clans was developed by Supercell, which sold a 51 percent stake in the game to SoftBank last year in order to finance its promotion. That turned out to be a big leap forward for Clans, as the game quickly skyrocketed to the top grossing position for mobile. It's remained there since, bringing in millions daily from U.S.-based players eager to dominate friend and foe in their own Clash culture, says Seeking Alpha. Globally, it sees even more than that.

Disney and Rovio teamed to create Star Wars Commander, which is very much like Clash of Clans in its gameplay, but if interest in Clans strategy and the number of posts (like this one) about it are any metric, Disney's attempt fell flat.

Among iOS games, Clash of Clans is clearly dominating. For now. In Android, it's also growing quickly. Seeking Alpha says that on that platform, Clash of Clans is bringing about a quarter of a million in sales per day. Android is also where Clans is growing fastest globally, gaining thousands of new players daily thanks to the proliferation of Android internationally. They estimate that Clash sees another quarter of a million in revenue from non-U.S. players on Android.

Supercell is expected to show revenues of over a billion dollars this year thanks to its portfolio of popular games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.