NFL Rumors: 49ers Could Trade For Deshaun Watson And Move On From Jimmy Garoppolo

Just one season after reaching the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers could be pondering a major change.

As The Sporting News noted, the 49ers appear to be at the top of the list of teams who may try to trade for Houston Texans starter Deshaun Watson. Reports have indicated that Watson wants to be traded after a falling out with the team and a rising unhappiness with the direction of the franchise. Some insiders believe the 49ers may be looking to make a change of their own.

The outlet noted that while Garoppolo may have been effective when he was healthy, the team could be looking for an upgrade and the 25-year-old Watson may fit the bill. San Francisco is able to get out of Garoppolo's contract with relatively little harm, saving $23.4 million toward the salary cap and incurring only $2.8 million in dead money if he is released or traded after the new league year starts in March. That would leave plenty of room to fit Watson's salary if the 49ers do decide to make a run at him, the report added.

Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer speculated that the team could be in the running to land a new quarterback, which could be the likely soon-to-be-former Houston starter.

"The Niners are open to an upgrade but would be O.K. going forward with their current quarterback," he wrote. "It's not a terrible spot to be in."

There have already been a number of other teams connected to Watson, including the New York Jets. As The Inquisitr reported, the Jets appear to be nearing a crossroads at signal caller after three uneven season from Sam Darnold and a second overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft that could either be used to snag a new signal caller or as trade bait for one like Watson.

Bleacher Report also speculated that the Miami Dolphins could make a run at him in a deal that would send Tua Tagovailoa to Texas.

"Houston could get back its first- and second-round picks for this year in addition to Miami's own draft compensation. Tagovailoa would also serve as the quarterback of the future as the Texans head in a new direction," the outlet reported.

The Sporting News pointed out that the 49ers could be a more attractive option for the Texans than any potential AFC suitors, allowing them to ship him out of the conference entirely and avoid having to meet him regularly.