Ohio Voters Reject Collective Bargaining Law, Protect Union Workers

Ohio voters on Tuesday rejected a Republican backed plan to dismantle much of the states union-backed collective bargaining rights.

The bill was defeated after an expensive campaign was mounted by the states major unions, a campaign that pitted firefighters, teachers, police officers and other state workers against the political establishment.

According to the Associated Press businesses and unions poured more than $30 million into nationally watched commercials, internet campaigns and radio ads.

Speaking about their victory AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka revealed:

“Ohio sent a message to every politician out there: Go in and make war on your employees rather than make jobs with your employees, and you do so at your own peril.”

Responding to the defeat GOP Gov. John Kasich said:

“It’s clear that the people have spoken.”

He said he would take a deep breath and contemplate the loss — and [determine] how best to move forward while adding:

“In a campaign like this, you give it your best, and if you don’t win and the people speak in a loud voice, you pay attention to what they have to say, and you think about it.”

In a swing state the GOP defeated bill was a closely watched issue for the White House as we head into the 2012 Presidential election cycle where Ohio will be an important consideration in determining the Presidential winner.

Do you believe that the failure to pass this bill is a sign that state workers are attempting to take back control of their own futures or a simple misstep by the GOP?

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