Iggy Azalea Isn’t Happy That ‘SNL’ Removed Her Moles

Iggy Azalea loves her moles and she doesn’t take kindly to people removing them from her body through the power of Photoshop.

The Australian rapper reportedly has a bone to pick with the boys and girls working behind the scenes at NBC’s sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. Apparently, someone thought it was necessary to remove Azalea’s moles for the program’s promo images, a fact that has definitely rubbed Iggy the wrong way.

According to Racked, Iggy Azalea had a blast working on SNL, though she wishes producers had left her moles alone. To set the record straight about the blemish-free promo images, the rapper pleaded her case on Instagram.

Here’s what Azalea thought about her Saturday Night Live experience.

“My thoughts on tonight: 1. I had so much fun doing the Halloween party skit 2. I loved the promo pictures but I wish they hadn’t photoshopped all my moles off my face (hey, I like those things!!) 3. Rita’s hair gave me an energy boost 4. MO congratulations on your first television! (It only gets easier!) 5. I loved the dancers costumes 6. Thanks!”

Curious to see what all the fuss is about? Check out the before and after images below. It might seem like small potatoes to some, but it seems Iggy is proud of her moles.

Here’s Azalea and her blemishes, for the record.

Here’s a shot of Iggy without her famous moles.

It’s obvious that boyfriend Nick Young probably wasn’t too happy about it.

For the most part, Iggy Azalea’s SNL appearance went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, a few technical difficulties resulted in some issues for Danish singer MØ during her contribution to “Beg For It.” Just Jared reports she was feeling a little down about the situation, though Iggy was there to pull her through the sadness.

“I was BEYOND excited (!!!) — but unfortunately I had some technical difficulties which cased latency on my vocals, and as a result I got confused and my timing was off,” MØ tweeted following her performance on the long-running sketch show.

Azalea responded, “Hey @MOMOMOYOUTH — I know ur amazing, thats why i picked u! Everyone will see this at the AMAs, but 1st lets get you molded for IN-EARS! don’t let anyone knock your confidence. things go wrong along the way, its not against the rules.”

What did you think about Iggy Azalea’s performance on Saturday Night Live? Are you surprised the show removed her moles from its promo images?

[Lead image via NBC]