Adam Levine Gets Negative Reviews For ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance

Several entertainment websites have taken swings at Adam Levine’s appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The second episode of the 40th season of the comedy sketch show was hosted by Sarah Silverman and featured performances by Maroon 5, with lead singer of the group, Adam Levine, acting in two sketches.

Popular entertainment blogger Perez Hilton on his website,, described the band’s performance on Saturday Night Live as falling flat. His opinion of the performance was less than complimentary.

“Are they sure this wasn’t rehearsal?! Maroon 5, along with frontman Adam Levine were the musical guests for ‘Saturday Night Live’ this week, and we have to admit we were a little bit disappointed. The band played their new songs Animals and Maps, and they were good, but there’s a decent chance you’ll forget the performances right after watching them. Maybe it was the acoustics or something, because we know The Voice coach is an excellent performer.”

Adam Levine has been the brunt of several negative reactions of late. The Inquisitr has revealed that the music video for his new hit “Animals,” performed with the other members of Maroon 5, has been blasted by several fans who took to Twitter to express their outrage at the disturbing video. The Inquisitr also revealed that sexual support group, The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) has slammed the band for glorifying a stalker.

For her part, Allison Piwowarski of Bustle described Adam Levine’s SNL performance as awkward, and did not seem to be too fond of his appearance in a sketch where he accompanies a man to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal only to discover she cheated on him.

She seems to have a fixation with Adam Levine’s leg as she rated the song as being good but expressed her annoyance at his legs.

“At first my eyes were on his legs, which kept contorting into strange shapes, like that scene in ‘Black Swan’ when Natalie Portman’s legs break in half. By the end of the song, I had accepted Levine’s legs had a mind of their own, so I moved on to being distracted by his jumping and jittery behavior, the same way I acted when I saw Aaron Carter perform when I was younger — OK, last year. Don’t get me wrong, the two performances by the band were amazing, but Levine looked like he was 10 people deep in a line for the bathroom, and he only had the self-control for about four people.”

Watch Adam Levine’s appearance on Saturday Night Live here and decide for yourself if the criticisms are warranted.

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