‘Windsor Purge’ Rumors Cause Increase In Police Presence In Connecticut

A rumored “purge” that was supposed to occur on Halloween night in Windsor, Connecticut, led to an increase in security for the town.

According to a report from NBC Connecticut, this “purge” was inspired by the 2013 movie, The Purge, in which masked characters are given a 12-hour window each year to vandalize, loot, and kill without getting into any trouble. Windsor Police Captain Tom LePore heard about the rumor and what was going to possibly happen.

“We were told they were going to have BB guns and possibly even paintball guns. They were going to do property damage; vandalize cars, buildings; and possibly even shoot at people that were trick-or-treating.”

Windsor High School senior Ellie Moore also heard rumors about the possible “purge.”

“I heard that it was going to be a bunch of juniors going out and doing the purge. I heard they were going to buy BB guns and freeze the pellets so they’d be able to shoot them at people and hurt them…. Everything you saw in ‘The Purge,’ they were going to try and recreate here.”

The parents of middle school and high school students received a letter from administrators in regards to the rumors.

“Windsor Police and Windsor Public Schools have been partnering together since this information was developed and are working quickly to prevent these intended acts of delinquency. We will be meeting with students identified as participating in such discussions to determine the validity of such plans and to very emphatically communicate both school and police expectations.”

On Twitter, some people joked about the rumored “Windsor Purge.”

Some people were a little upset about the rumor.

Can there not be a windsor purge so that i can trick or treat with my friends in peace? Thanks — Nachobae™ (@Jaynuny) October 31, 2014

Windsor is not the first place to have rumors of a scheduled “purge.” Over the summer, many cities also faced “purge” threats including Louisville, Kentucky, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Louisville police later reported that nothing happened.

[Image credit: Universal Pictures via Buzz Media]