Gaza Fires Rocket Which Strikes Southern Israel [Breaking]

Breaking news has just come in from the Israel as a rocket from Gaza was fired at southern Israel. According to articles by both Channel NewsAsia and France 24, the rocket hit the Eshkol area in Southern Israel on Friday, October 31. This is the first rocket to strike the country since September 16, in which both Israel and Palestine agreed to a cease-fire.

It should be noted that the reports do not mention of any casualties or damage. A spokesman for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) provided a statement on the news.

“A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit the Eshkol area in southern Israel.”

It is also reported that the spokesman did not mention how the Israelis, the IDF, or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would respond, despite the rocket being fired during a ceasefire put in place since Operation Protective Edge which was launched in the summer by Israel against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire was agreed upon on August 26 and was initiated by Egypt. It ended a war that lasted 50 days, resulting in the deaths of 2,140 Palestinians and 73 Israelis, most of them in the IDF. Both sides are expected to resume talks very soon in Cairo as part of an effort to keep the ceasefire in place.

It should be noted that earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported of another time when the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at Israel during the ceasefire. However, the IDF claimed a “false alarm” in an alleged cover-up. As for the recent attack, if Hamas has resumed their assault on Israel, another war might follow.

This story is currently developing. Please check back with the Inquisitr with updates pertaining to this breaking news as it becomes available.