Suspected Terrorist Stoned To Death, Burnt And Eaten By Angry Mob In Congo

Congo terrorist eaten

A suspected terrorist was dragged out of a bus, stoned to death, burnt and his remains eaten by a mob of angry people in Beni, a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reports Reuters. According to witnesses, the man was suspected of being a militant from the Islamist group ADF-NALU that has been carrying out several raids across Congo, killing scores of people. The unidentified man was travelling in a bus and was in possession of a machete when he was noticed by his fellow travelers.

According to Eyewitness News, the man when confronted by the crowd, was unable to reply to their questions in the widely understood local Swahili language. With a machete being found with him, he was suspected of being a member of the Islamist terror group and was dragged out of the bus. The angry mob then pelted the man with stones. After he died, they set fire to his corpse and ate his remains. The attack on the man is being largely seen as an act of revenge by the people of this region of Congo, who have been living under the fear of the terrorist group. The group had, in this month alone, killed over 100 people in the country using hatchets and machetes.

Following the killing of the suspected terrorist named Joseph Kabila, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo warned members of the terror group that their group would be neutralized by government forces. The president reminded the ADF-NALU militants about the fate of the M23 rebel movement that was defeated late last year following a joint operation by the U.N. and the government of Congo.

“There is no question of negotiation with the terrorists. They will be defeated as was the case with the M23. And it will be very soon”, Kabila told news persons at a press conference in Beni.

The ADF-NALU has been blamed for a recent massacre in the village of Kampi ya Chui, in which 14 people were killed. According to Teddy Kataliko, president of the Civil Society of Beni, the death toll in attacks carried out by the terrorist group has reached 107 people in the month of October.

Meanwhile, the local people were also unhappy with the government preparedness against the terrorists and demanded greater security and protection. A protest march with over 100 demonstrators chanting slogans against the government turned violent.

According to Reuters, the ADF-NALU is an alliance of groups opposed to the Ugandan government — Congo’s neighboring country. They were initially operating inside Congo to launch attacks on Uganda. Of late however, they have turned their attention towards Congo. It is estimated that the small group currently only has 500 fighters. The ADF-NALU is believed to have close links to Somalia’s infamous Al-Shabaab movement.

[Image via The Blaze]