Rumor: Joe Paterno is Resigning From Penn State, Son Scott Says It Isn’t True

Joe Paterno’s 46-year career at Penn State could be coming to an end. Paterno, who earned his record 409th win this season, has been tangled up with a sex scandal involving his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. It is unlikely that Paterno, now 84, will return to Penn State in 2012.

Joe Paterno has been the head coach of Penn State for 46 years. He earned more wins than any other coach in college football history during his time with Penn State and brought the school two national championships. Unfortunately, Paterno was also in charge of the Nittany Lions during a 15-year period that saw the sexual abuse of eight boys by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

On Monday, law enforcement officials said that Paterno had fulfilled his legal obligations by alerting his superiors when he learned of the allegations against Sandusky in 2002. The New York Times reports that even though Paterno is off the legal hook, many fans, critics, and Penn State officials feel that Paterno did not live up to his moral obligations to protect his players.

According to the NY Times piece, Penn State officials are currently planning Paterno’s exit. The board of trustees haven’t decided exactly when Paterno will exact, but according to two top officials familiar with the situation, Joe won’t be coaching at Penn State in 2012.

CBS reports that Paterno was expected to address the scandal during his weekly press conference but University officials cancelled the meeting.

Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Nelson said in a statement:

“Due to the ongoing legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today’s press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled.”

Paterno’s son Scott dismissed the rumors today saying that his father will coach the Nittany Lions this weekend and that no one has talked to his father about resigning.

Do you think Joe Paterno will resign?