‘Duck Dynasty’ Meltdown: Alan Robertson Says ‘Evil One’ Out To Get Him, Compares U.S. To Naziism

Duck Dynasty cast member and oldest son of Robertson family patriarch Phil Robertson, Alan Robertson, appeared to undergo a brief paranoid meltdown on a Christian radio talk show Tuesday, when he declared that “the Evil One” was somehow out to get him and his family, in retaliation for “telling the truth.”

Alan Robertson, also known as the “beardless one” on Duck Dynasty, appeared on the Washington Watch With Tony Perkins program, ostensibly to promote a speaking appearance alongside his father Phil on Sunday. But with Perkins, one of the country’s leading extreme conservative activists and head of the Family Research Council, asking the questions, the discussion quickly veered into topical issues.

Perkins asked about the controversy in Houston, Texas, in which a group of private attorneys working on contract for the city obtained subpoenas requiring certain church pastors who have been gathering petitions against a city equal rights ordnance enacted in May, to turn over materials relating to how signatures for the petitions were gathered.

The petitions apparently contained enough signatures to put repeal of the ordnance, known as HERO, on the November ballot. But questions were raised about the validity of many signatures, and the petitions were invalidated. Opponents of HERO filed a lawsuit, and the city’s subpoenas were part of that suit.

However, the subpoenas were originally worded very broadly, and also allegedly required the clergymen to turn over written copies of sermons delivered from the pulpit of their churches. Opponents of the equal rights measure painted the subpoenas as a tyrannical attack on religious freedom.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker canceled the subpoenas Wednesday.

But on Tuesday, Duck Dynasty cast member Alan Robertson was still in a panic about the subpoenas, when asked about the case by Perkins.

“When I first heard about this and when you and I talked, I was just like, is this 2014 America or is this 1930s Germany that we’re living in? I mean, it was shocking and appalling,” Roberston told Perkins.

Presumably, Robertson was comparing the subpoenas, which were part of a lawsuit to determine whether petition signature collection rules had been properly followed, with the Nazi oppression and ultimately the mass murder of German and European Jews in the 1930s.

Alan Robertson then referred to Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s numerous remarks characterizing members of the LGBT population as “drunks” and “terrorists,” saying that the angry response from the LGBT community and its supporters to those remarks was also similar to a Nazi attack.

The Duck Dynasty star then went on to remark cryptically that “the Evil One” has targeted him and his family due to their supposed truth-telling about gay people.

Listen to audio of the Duck Dynasty Alan Robertson interview, below.