Three-Boobed Halloween Costume Becomes Internet Sensation, Woman Who Inspired It Is Overjoyed

One of the most popular Halloween costumes to wear this year will be the three-boobed blow-up, and the woman who inspired it couldn’t be happier.

Jasmine Tridevil made headlines earlier this year when it was reported that she had three breasts. It was later revealed that this was actually all a hoax. However, that hasn’t stopped the masses from trying to replicate her look though, and it has now been revealed that a costume inspired by her alleged three breasts has been flying off the shelves in time for Halloween.

Back in September, Jasmine Tridevil made the news after she claimed that she had spent $20,000 to get herself an extra breast. Various news outlets from around the world immediately started to report on her bizarre new look, and there was even talk that she might get her own reality show.

Despite the fact that it has since emerged that the stories were more than likely a hoax, Tridevil is adamant that she actually does have three breasts. However, now that she has inspired a whole host of copycat costumes, Tridevil couldn’t be happier, and according to the Daily Star, she has told Fox that she was “flattered” by the homages.

“When my friend told me there was a Halloween costume of me, I didn’t believe her. Then I saw it in a news article. I’m very flattered.”

You can check out a picture of the Halloween costume that Tridevil inspired below.


At this point, it should be noted that we’re not sure if the costumes were actually inspired by Tridevil’s three breasts or the three-breasted alien from Total Recall.

Earlier this year, just after Tridevil had alleged that she had three breasts, her story started to fall apart. She refused to show her breast during an interview, which is hardly surprising, but then it emerged that in a YouTube clip it looked as though her third breast was actually a different color to her others.

It is also highly unlikely that Tridevil would have been able to find a surgeon to have completed such a risky and unnecessary procedure. However, this didn’t stop Trivdevil from insisting that it actually took place. At least she’ll be ecstatic that her 15 minutes of fame have been extended ever so slightly though.

[Image via MStarz]