SpaceshipTwo Crash Update

Tara Dodrill

SpaceshipTwo Update: The Virgin Galactic spaceship was conducting an in-flight test of a new fuel for the first time during the excursion which left one pilot dead and another severely injured. Richard Branson vowed that the commercial space travel endeavor will continue after the SpaceshipTwo crash.

The Guardian: Virgin Galactic will continue after fatal SpaceShipTwo crash, vows Branson.

— R. Elliott Watkins (@OLOWAJIMI) November 1, 2014

Virgin Galactic has now confirmed the crash in the Mojave Desert. One pilot is deceased and another is severely injured, according to on-the-scene breaking news reports from Fox News. Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson had stated that he, his children, and his elderly mother would be going on the first commercial space flight. A multitude of celebrities were also eager to buy tickets for the tourism space flights. One individual, believed to be a pilot, has been flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Witnesses to the SpaceshipTwo crash say the Virgin Galactic commercial flight exploded in mid-air shortly after ignition.

Virgin Galactic is reporting an "anomaly" occurred on an in-flight exercise with SpaceshipTwo. California first responders have been rushed to a crash site in the Mojave Desert. Whether or not the crash is related to the Virgin Galactic flight remains unconfirmed, but is reportedly highly likely SpaceshipTwo had some type of accident.

One parachute was reportedly seen in the sky above the Mojave Desert. The Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two reportedly contained two pilots, both equipped with an emergency parachute.

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