Armored Truck Crashes On I-270: Drivers Hop Out Of Cars To Grab Flying Money

armored truck

Drivers hopped out of their cars and scrambled on Interstate 270 Friday morning after an armored truck collided with a dump truck.

According to FOX Baltimore, the collision occurred “just before 8 AM Friday on northbound Interstate 270 at Route 80, near Urbana.”

The report further stated that cash went flying from the truck shortly after the crash occurred, causing drivers to stop their cars and try to grab as much of the cash as possible.

WBAL TV reports that the armored truck apparently had a malfunctioning lock, causing the door of the truck to open and a “bag of cash” to fall onto the northbound side of the highway.

According to DC 101, “cash went flying from the armored truck and apparently drivers hopped out of their cars to scoop up the money.”

The driver of the armored vehicle told police that he pulled over “as quickly as he could.” However, by the time that he was able to safely come to a stop, the driver “saw several vehicles that were stopped on the highway” along with people that were on the road “picking up the cash.”

WBAL TV reported that once a fire department vehicle arrived at the scene and “turned on its emergency lights,” the people that spent time picking up the cash that flew from the armored truck “got back in their cars and left.”

FOX Baltimore reported that the troopers even took the steps necessary to close the northbound lanes of Interstate 270 “between Route 80 and Route 120” to recover as much as possible. State troopers that responded to the incident were able to assist the truck driver in recovering close to $200.

As of right now, the amount of money that still has not been recovered from the armored truck incident has not been reported.

Maryland state police are asking all drivers that were able to take some of the cash that flew out of the armored truck to return it as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could possibly face theft charges.

According to Herald Mail Media, police have advised all of the drivers that took money during the “armored truck mishap” to return it all to the state police barrack which is located in Frederick.

[Image Credit: Flickr & Pictures of Money]