AJ Lee Opens Up About Her Bad Blood With Paige, And What Nerdy Parallel She Draws It To

Current WWE Divas champion AJ Lee has had her fair share of back and forth over the years. From being manipulated and broken to a strong reigning queen, AJ tells ComicBook.com that she’s happy to have seen a lot of evolution in herself over the years.

“It’s interesting you know? ‘Continuity’ isn’t something that has always been around in wrestling like it has in comics. I’ve gotten really lucky that I’ve been able to jump from story arc to story arc with the ‘[Lee]’ character and really grow her. [AJ] started out as someone who was always being taken advantage of that broke her mentally and emotionally, to her breaking out from that with revenge on her mind, then turning evil, and now where she’s trying to redeem herself.”

But even Lee might have gone through some person changes over the years; one part of her role on WWE has remained unchanged — her fierce rival with Paige. It’s a back-and-forth that AJ, a comic book lover herself, can understand why fans tie it to another famous rivalry.

“HA! What I get a lot from fans, is that our feud is very much like Batman and Joker. I think its really interesting because we go back and forth on who is Batman and who is Joker. After Wrestlemania you had Paige, the hero in all black leather, stopping maniacal AJ which was perfect.”

Lee and Paige have both upped the crazy little by little over the years, with each one having their own highs and lows. Which is part of what AJ sees as the key to their success as a WWE story arc.

“But as time went on you couldn’t tell who had more screws loose. The fundamentals are there though. Every hero is as good as their best villain and when you have two on the top of their game able to switch back and forth just goes to show how great rivalries can be.”

Even though Lee has trashed Paige left and right during their long-simmering hatred for one another, AJ respects the fellow wrestler’s talent and is keeping an eye on her.

“But look, she proved me wrong! She’s shown that she’s a strong competitor and there’s nothing more that you could want as an entertainer in this business then to have someone who can keep up! Going into Hell In A Cell this weekend, it’s a little scary because she’s pinned me on more than one occasion, so who knows what will happen on Sunday.”

Win or lose, AJ is happy with the direction she is taking in WWE. Lee says that she really feels a closeness to the audience as a a result of her evolution.

“The fact that it’s all made sense, and the story behind her has connected so well has helped me be a better performer. I love being able to draw on all her back-story and take it to the next level and I think my fans have caught on to that.”

How do you think AJ Lee is going to fare in Hell in a Cell Sunday?

[Image via Glogster]