Eric Frein Captured And Shackled With Slain Trooper’s Handcuffs

Eric Frein, who is a self-trained survivalist, was shackled with handcuffs that belonged to the Pennsylvania state trooper he allegedly killed last month.

Frein was captured by U.S. Marshals outside of an abandoned hangar located at the Birchwood-Pocono Airport in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. Frein was captured around 6 p.m. on Thursday, reports ABC News.

After Frein was captured, he was placed in the handcuffs that were used by Cpl. Bryon Dickson. Dickson was killed on September 12, during a shooting at the barracks in Blooming Grove. Frein was then driven to those same barracks, where he was held until his transfer to the Pike County Correctional Facility.

Frein had no weapons on him when he was captured. Ray Tonkin, the Pike County District Attorney, says that he plans to seek the death penalty against Frein. Frein has been charged with first-degree murder, homicide of a law enforcement officer, attempted murder, and possession of weapons of mass destruction.

The charges of first-degree murder and homicide of a law enforcement officer are both capital offenses. Frein was arraigned at 9 a.m. on Friday.

A woman, who wished to remain unidentified, told the Scranton Times Tribune that Frein appeared exhausted as law enforcement brought him out of the woods.

Several thousand members of different law enforcement departments, from more than five states, spent countless hours searching for Frein. The alleged shooter went on the run after he allegedly killed Dickson, 38, and injured Trooper Alex Douglas during a shift change at their barracks.

Douglass, 31, has been discharged to a rehabilitation facility.

At times during the manhunt, 1,000 officers went into the rugged mountains to search for Frein. Police believe that Frein planned his attack.

The manhunt for Frein disrupted the lives of area residents and caused school closings as well as event cancellations. Halloween celebrations were canceled, but local officials plan to try and ensure kids get their Halloween fun.

Frein’s capture took so long because he was throughly familiar with the large wooded area he took refuge in reports the Associated Press.

Police discovered an AK-47, ammunition, two pipe bombs, and food and supplies hidden in the woods while they searched for Frein.

Frein was linked to the deadly shooting after his SUV was discovered partly submerged in a swamp just a few miles from the barracks. In his vehicle, law enforcement discovered shell casings that matched those found at the barracks. They also found his driver’s license, military gear, camouflage face paint, and two empty rifle cases.

While searching the woods authorities came upon notes allegedly written by Frein. These notes offer a “cold-blooded” account of the ambush and his escape.