Malaysia Airlines Sued By Boys Who Lost Their Father On Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines is being sued by two young boys, who lost their father on Flight 370. As stated in the lawsuit, the boys are seeking damages for emotional pain, mental distress, and loss of support. Their father, Jee Jing Hang, was one of 239 people aboard the March 8 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bejing.

Jee Kinson, 13, and Jee Kinland, 11, are represented by attorney Arunan Selvaraj. The civil lawsuit, which was filed in the Luala Lumpur high court, alleges the defendants “committed gross neglect and breach of duty.”

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of failing to ensure a safe flight. In addition to Malaysia Airlines, the boys are suing the country’s air force chief, the directors-general of civil aviation and immigration, and the federal government.

As reported by Times of India, attorney Selvaraj consulted numerous experts about the missing flight. He concluded that “a big plane missing in this age of technology is really unacceptable.” Selvaraj said he spent the last eight months collecting “sufficient evidence for a strong case” against the defendants.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished without a trace on March 8. Although there are countless conspiracy theories and plenty of speculation, the location of the flight, and its passengers, remains unknown.

Although the plane remains missing, the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch determined that MH370 likely traveled along the southern corridor. As reported by Hindustan Times, its last known position was “in the middle of the ocean, west of Perth.” On March 24, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Aviation attorney Jeremy Joseph said the boys will have a difficult time proving negligence, as the plane was never found. He said the lack of physical evidence will make it nearly impossible to assign blame.

Steve Wang, who lost his mother on the same flight, said he has retained an attorney as well. Wang said he and many other families would like to sue Malaysia Airlines. However, they cannot not move forward without any evidence of wrongdoing.

Although it is possible that the boys will win their lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines, they are not guaranteed a big payout. Under rules set forth in the Montreal Convention, the boys would receive less than $200,000 in compensation.

Neither Malaysia Airlines nor their co-defendants have commented on the pending lawsuit.

[Image via Time]