Kate Middleton Reportedly 13-Pounds Underweight, Is Royal Baby At Risk?

Rumors that Kate Middleton's pregnancy is not out of the woods keep coming. The latest tabloid news is that the Duchess of Cambridge is 13 pounds underweight, at only 108 pounds.

It would not be surprising if that is the case, as she is a very slender woman to begin with and if the symptoms of her severe morning sickness -- known as hyperemesis gravidarum -- are as bad as are expected, then it is certainly possible she has lost considerable weight. However, being 13-pounds underweight could result in problems for Kate Middleton's royal baby.

There are many rumors going around. According to some, the Duchess has been forced to go back to work because of the Queen's demands. During her reign, Her Majesty has not missed many engagements due to illness and so she expects the same from other members of the royal family.

In the case of Kate Middleton, the Queen expects more than she does from others as she is one of the most visible royals. Even though the future Queen of England was all smiles and looked radiant, when she came out of seclusion for the first time since her pregnancy was announced, she is not fully well.

"The queen had been unimpressed at the amount of official business Kate has missed out on," a source said. "She feels enough is enough. Duty comes first, and it was time for Kate to step up to the plate."

As a matter of fact, there are reports that Kate collapsed in recent days and is still ill enough that she is throwing up several times some days. This report comes only days after the National Enquirer stated the Duchess only weighs 91-pounds.

All this talk conflicts with the images of a radiant Kate Middleton on her first public appearance in over a month. While wearing a black-laced cocktail dress, the royal didn't really look any different than she has in the past and was as stunning as always, with that glow that we usually see in expectant mothers.

However, we should not be fooled by what professional photographers capture with their expensive lenses. Kate Middleton's severe weight loss is a serious issue and after the collapse her husband, Prince William, has asked that she be monitored at all times. Kate was examined by the royal physician, who deemed she and the royal baby were alright.

So what will Wills and Kate do for the upcoming holidays? It is being reported that the royal couple will spend a quiet Christmas at their residence in Norfolk and not spend it with either one of their families, which has been what they have done the last few years.

We believe that Kate Middleton has left their London residence, Kensington Palace, for the comfort of mom and dad's house in Bucklebury, which offers her much relaxation and privacy as well as help with Prince George. The family is expected to move into their Anmer Hall, 10-bedroom home soon, as William prepares to start his new job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot.

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