Did You Miss National Chocolate Day? You Can Still Get Free Chocolate!

National Chocolate Day came and went. It was yesterday, Tuesday, October 28.

For many, National Chocolate Day went by unnoticed, but for the chocolate industry, it’s a day celebrating an $83 billion-a-year industry. According to KJRH, the average amount of chocolate sold is expected to increase $15 billion in only two years. On average, an American will eat 12 whole pounds of chocolate every year, while Europe accounts for nearly half of all chocolate consumed across the planet. And National Chocolate Day shows the world that they don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in the simple pleasure of chocolate.

Not to mention National Chocolate Day reminds us that chocolate isn’t as bad for you as some candies. The Inquisitr recently reported on the top five worst Halloween candies you can eat this year, but plain old chocolate isn’t one of them. Because, according to Medical News Today, chocolate can lower cholesterol, help with long-term memory, reduce the risks of heart disease, and even prevent strokes. Suddenly National Chocolate Day seems less like an excuse to eat lots of chocolate, and more like a reason to celebrate one of Earth’s greatest foods.

Be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s National Chocolate Day. And if you missed this year, don’t worry — there’s always time to enjoy chocolate. Plus, many chocolate companies are providing free samples of their products all year round, so you don’t need to visit special retailers right on National Chocolate Day to get your hands on that sugary goodness.

The International Business Times reported on some of the best ways to get free chocolate, with or without National Chocolate Day on the horizon.

You can get a free sample of Godiva chocolate by signing up for” Godiva Rewards.” This will earn you a free piece of chocolate every month, in addition to exclusive offers and a special gift if you spend $20 every month on Godiva chocolates. Similarly, if you sign up to be a “Lindt Lover” at the Lindt chocolate website, you can get a free sample of chocolate every week just by visiting a Lindt chocolate store. Finally, Snickers is offering a pretty sweet deal this National Chocolate Day. They’re giving away 990,000 coupons for a free full-sized Snickers bar, which means the odds of winning are quite high.

Get your hands on some chocolate, free or otherwise, and enjoy your Halloween. Look forward to National Chocolate Day tomorrow, or celebrate your own National Chocolate Day whenever you want!

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