Emmy Rossum Galactically Good In New Trailer For 'Comet'

Emmy Rossum and Justin Long are romancing each other in a parallel world in a brand new trailer for their upcoming film, Comet. Rossum and Long play a number of different roles in several different parallel worlds. Emmy and Justin talk about their romance as if it is a dream, while the trailer shows them meeting in a number of different settings.

In one of the apparent "worlds," Emmy and Justin are clearly a couple. In another, Long and Rossum don't even seem to like each other, though a romance starts budding anyway. There is one world where it appears Long is even taking Emmy Rossum away from her current boyfriend. The trailer is plenty trippy, but the overarching theme is clearly that Justin and Emmy are meant to be together no matter which reality they exist in.

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, the storytelling for Long and Rossum's romance is told over a six-year period in Comet, with the story bouncing around chronologically. Yahoo! News reports that IFC Films recently purchased Emmy's newest film, and the distributor is looking to get Rossum's romantic flick out to theaters by the end of 2014. IFC is shooting for a December 5 release date. Comet will debut earlier than that, as it is going to be shown off at the American Film Market event in California from November 5 to November 12.

While Emmy isn't a household name among Hollywood elite just yet, October has been a month that has showcased Rossum quite well. In addition for the new trailer for Comet hitting the web, the first trailer showing Rossum's starring turn alongside Hilary Swank was released earlier this month. In You're Not You, Swank plays a successful advertising exec who has to change her way of life when she is diagnosed with ALS.

Emmy doesn't take center stage in the film, but she does play a supporting role in a movie that could get some Oscar talk. Considering the actress has also been talked about as one of the leading lights in the long-running Showtime series Shameless, it appears the bubbly brunette's career is on the way up. The 28-year-old actress has a third film on the horizon in another indie film Before I Disappear. Emmy Rossum stars alongside Ron Perlman, Richard Schiff, and Paul Wesley in a film set around a man and his estranged sister who needs him to watch his niece for a few hours.