October 29, 2014
WWE News: WWE Confirms Daniel Bryan Needs Yet Another Surgery, How Long Could He Be Out For?

In a sad report, it appears that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan will be out even longer. The former WrestleMania headliner went out with an injury this past summer. He ended up having a very low risk neck surgery that would allow him to get issues repaired. Surgeons found a few problems, but they were able to help Bryan with the issue. The problem wasthat this surgery seemed to cause Bryan an issue with his UCL.

The Ulnar Collateral Ligament is a big part of one's arm. It helps us in picking things up, and when damaged, it can affect our strength and motion in our arm. The best and really only surgery to have for this issue is Tommy John Surgery. The surgery is popular among baseball pitchers who throw out their arm. Bryan had issues with his UCL more than he should have after the surgery so doctors, who didn't want to put Bryan through another surgery, sent him to physical therapy where he had reportedly done well, according to his wife.

Bryan's wife, Brie, told people a few months ago that Bryan's strength was returning, but he had a bit of time to go. The issue is that nothing has returned to complete normalcy for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion despite the therapy. Due to this, he has to have yet another surgery. Most likely, the Tommy John Surgery. WWE confirmed the need for a surgery on WWE SmackDown this week. The Big Show came out at the top of the show and told the world about it.

Show then led the crowd in a "YES!" Chant to support Bryan.

Daniel Bryan John Cena

If he gets the Tommy John Surgery, we probably won't be able to see Bryan return to day-to-day action until next summer. That means he will most likely miss WrestleMania 31. This is something Bryan wanted to avoid. However, the UCL surgery is known to be a big success in all who get it. Sadly, pitchers typically aren't able to come back for an entire year. However, Bryan is a wrestler, so his work is slightly different. The thing is, he is also working with others. If he cannot pick someone up or do a move properly, he could hurt his opponent. This is not something WWE wants to happen obviously.

While Bryan will miss significant time, there is a thought that WWE might rush him back in about three months, though this is doubtful. This would not be wise on WWE's end because it would risk further injury or affect Bryan long-term. It is also not safe for other people he works with in the ring.

There is a shot we could see Bryan return the night after WrestleMania 31 on the always hot WWE RAW show. If he managed to get the surgery on the first of November, he'd have about five months of healing time. The average recovery for the surgery is six months to a year for pitchers. So there is an outside shot we see Bryan return around this time.

Clearly this is a big blow for WWE and Daniel Bryan himself. However, the cool part is that he gets time off to rest nagging injuries from the past. When he comes back, the crowd will be into him more than ever. On top of that, he will be able to know going in that he is completely healed up. Sure, the waiting around will suck. Tommy John Surgery works so well, but a lot of the problem with it is that you have to wait around to let it heal before returning to action.

Bryan sign

Bryan will be rusty when he comes back, so WWE will probably have him work at the WWE Performance Center for a bit before he makes an officially WWE TV return. WWE could allow Bryan to work with them in commentary or on the RAW/PPV panels while he heals up. So we can assume that WWE will not let us forget about the bearded warrior any time soon.

While WWE has lost a big star for a number of months, with the rise of people such as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns (who is set to return soon), WWE is in good hands until Bryan comes back. This is probably a big reason why WWE may not rush Bryan back.

The WWE Universe spins on with or without him. However, WWE and their fans want Bryan to be along for that ride. There is risk now in Bryan, so knowing that, it is possible that WWE will be cautious in giving him World Titles in the future. However, if they can allow the current WWE Champion to miss three months of PPVs just because, then we can assume Bryan getting hurt with a title again wouldn't cause too much controversy. But, I digress. Let us hope Daniel Bryan has a successful surgery and heals up well, because we want to see him in a WWE ring again.

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