Dolly Parton Speaks Out About Her Gay Fans: Tells Christians Who Judge, ‘You Are Sinning’

Country music’s queen bee, Dolly Parton, has a few choice words for Christians who judge gays.

When asked in a recent Billboard interview about what it said about her that her theme park, Dollywood, had become a large draw for the LGBT community, Parton answered in her usual straightforward way.

“It’s a place for entertainment, a place for all families, period. It’s for all that. As far as the Christians, if people want to pass judgment, they’re already sinning. The sin of judging is just as bad as any other sin they might say somebody else is committing. I try to love everybody.”

Speaking about her large gay following, Dolly said, “They know that I completely love and accept them, as I do all people.”

Parton, who is considered a gay icon, is also a vocal supporter of the LGBT community and same-sex marriage.

“I think everyone should be with who they love,’ she said. “I think gay couples should be allowed to marry. They should suffer just like us heterosexuals.”

Gay Star News reported in July that Parton announced her intention to release a dance music album with “several songs that are very positive towards the gay community.”

“I have a song called ‘Just A Wee Bit Gay’. It’s a great little dance tune, it’s funny and it’s got a lot of comic in it. I do write a lot of songs along those lines with people that are different and are just themselves.”

Dolly also alluded that she identifies with her gay fans because of the struggle she has had to be accepted in her own life.

“I’ve struggled enough in my life to be appreciated and understood. I’ve had to go against all kinds of people through the years just to be myself. I think everybody should be allowed to be who they are, and to love who they love. I don’t think we should be judgmental. Lord, I’ve got enough problems of my own to pass judgment on somebody else.”

The Inquisitr also reported Dolly’s views on being called “white trash” earlier this year, something the star laughed off by saying “I’m proud of my hillbilly, white trash background.”

Despite being so outspoken — often on controversial issues — Parton has somehow managed to remain one of the most likeable people in the music industry. How does she do it?

“I’m open and I’m honest. I don’t dillydally. If there’s something going on, I just say it. Sometimes if I get mad, I’ll throw out a few cuss words just to prove my point. I’ve often said I don’t lose my temper as much as I use it. I don’t do either unless I have to because I love peace and harmony, but when you step in my territory, I will call you on it. People say, ‘Oh, you just always seem so happy.'”

“Well, that’s the Botox,” she said with a laugh.

[Image via International Business Times]