Dolly Parton Dishes On Why She Never Had Children And White Trash Pride

Dolly Parton has finally answered the question fans have wondered about for years — why she never had children.

In a recent interview with Southern Living Magazine on the 25th anniversary of Steel Magnolias, Parton — with her well-known Dolly humor — dished on being childless, her multiple plastic surgeries, and why she is proud of her hillbilly, white trash image.

Of course, 68-year-old Parton’s trademark hair and breasts came up in the conversation also. When asked if she had to choose between big hair and big boobs, Dolly laughingly replied, “Uhhhhh….I couldn’t pick one. I’d have to pick three.”

“I feel more like a godmother, like a fairy godmother, than I do like a real mother. I think probably I make a better godmother and an aunt than I would a mother because I was always so involved in my own things. I probably would have been like my sisters and my mom. I probably would have given up my dreams for that,” Parton said. “But I guess God has His reasons for doing things. I really am a great aunt. And I really love kids. I love the energy of children. It makes me feel young. I’m just drawn to them. They’re like magic to me. And they’re drawn to me, the childlike part of me that never did grow up. I look kinda cartoonish, and look like a Mother Goose or a Cinderella or a Fairy Godmother — kids kinda respond to that.”

“Well, I never would have said I did it if I hadn’t got caught at it. But I wasn’t gonna lie about it! So then after I got caught and I didn’t lie about it, people started asking me [more often],” Dolly said. “And I thought, ‘Well, you know, what the hell?’ I’m not being the poster child for any of that, but people know you do it. If they ask me, I just say ‘Yeah, whatever. And I ain’t done yet!'”

“We were really redneck, roughneck, hillbilly people. And I’m proud of it. ‘White trash!’ I am,” said Parton. “People always say ‘Aren’t you insulted when people call you white trash?’ I say, ‘Well it depends on who’s calling me white trash and how they mean it.’ But I’m proud of my hillbilly, white trash background. To me that keeps you humble; that keeps you good. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try to outrun it—if that’s who you are, that’s who you are. It’ll show up once in a while.”

It appears that Dolly, who reportedly has a net worth of $450 million according to Celebrity Networth, has never forgotten her roots. And if nothing else, the country music queen is honest and outspoken. And as fake as her image – and boobs – might be, she is known to be a down-to-earth lady. You can read more about Dolly Parton’s views, this time on feminism and her notorious goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, in this Inquistir article.

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