Prank Video Inspired By ‘The Purge’ Inspires Warning From The Police [VIDEO]

The Purge may be one of the most interesting and inspiring premises to hit the horror genre in awhile. With its premise taking place in a world where all crime is legal for 12 hours a year, it likely even trumps films like Saw and Paranormal Activity in that it contains the most potential for expansion. By its nature, the Purge films also contain a powerful social commentary on both the government and human morality as a whole. The most horrific aspect of The Purge in general is the question of whether or not our own society could be pushed to such lengths so as to create a “real life purge” of our own.

Merlion TV, a YouTube channel, took the Purge idea and ran with it on the streets of Singapore. Armed with a “Purge” mask and machete, they got reactions from a handful of people that shows how they would react to a “Purge-like” scenario. The description of the “Purge Prank” video is as follows.

“Halloween is around the corner, and the MerlionTV crew decided to do a similar purge movie scene
in one of the safest country[sic] in the world – SINGAPORE!
Let’s see how they react to it! ;)”

The comments on YouTube criticize that the “Purge Prank” video is ultimately less about how people would react to a real-life purge and more about how they would react to a creepy man in a mask. That being said, apart from the alarmed reactions present in the video, Merlion TV has also attracted the attention of the Singapore Police Force.

According to Today, the producers of the “Purge Prank” video were advised by the police that their video may “generate unnecessary alarm, fear and panic in the community.” They then added, “The police would like to take this opportunity to advise the public to refrain from such activities.”

This isn’t the first time The Purge has inspired real-life controversy of sorts. Earlier this year, there were several threats across the United States of a real-life purge taking place. The whole thing started over social media, and soon fliers popped up in several cities advertising this “purge” of sorts. This ultimately led to little more than some random instances of graffiti in neighborhoods, but the police treated it all as a very real threat.

Check out the video above for yourself if you haven’t. Do you consider this an interesting and well-thought-out idea, or just a cheap grab at the Purge concept? Let us know below!

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