‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Continues To Disrespect Her Ex-Husband

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans claims to have moved on from her past, as she is living a happy life with Nathan Griffith and her two sons. She is living in a nice home, is studying hard to get a career in the medical field and she is taking care of her newborn son. However, it sounds like her past is still following her around a little. On the Teen Mom reunion, it was revealed that Jenelle had reached out to Kieffer Delp during Nathan’s time in jail.

Jenelle Evans admitted that nothing happened and that she just needed a support system. But it sounds like she has some people she would like to reach out to more than others. Evans hasn’t really talked to Gary Head since their relationship ended and she didn’t face Courtland Rogers when they got divorced. And yet, they can’t seem to stop fighting.

According to a new Wetpaint entertainment report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans got into a heated argument with her ex-husband, who simply asked her to leave him alone. It all started when a fan accused her of sharing half-naked pictures on Twitter to make her ex-husband jealous.

“Uhm what?! Lmfao who cares about that loser? No one…” Jenelle Evans replied, clearly expressing shock that someone would think that she is still thinking about her ex-husband.

But Courtland heard of her comment and he wanted to let her know that he just wanted to be left alone.

“Quit talking s—t jenelle… damn…. leave me alone already lol,” he replied.

According to the Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans has accused fans of making up stories about her, but it is hard to deny that she could have left the drama out of this fight. She should have ignored the comment made by a follower and focused on the positive. That way, Courtland would have never responded to her.

But the picture of herself did spark some comments about her body. Jenelle Evans gave birth about three months ago, so her body is still adjusting after the pregnancy. And while she got plenty of nasty comments about her body, Evans could still tell herself that she was beautiful.

What do you think of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans responding to a comment about Courtland Rogers and his desire for her? Do you think she is at fault for starting this fight?

[Image via Wetpaint Entertainment]