Brittany Maynard Completes Bucket List Just In Time To Celebrate Her Death On Saturday

Brittany Maynard is approaching the day of her death, a planned event that she plans to play out on November 1st, 2014. A diagnosis of terminal brain cancer set her plan to end her life before the tumor consumed her dignity into motion. Rather than mope about and succumb to depression, Maynard wrote out her bucket list and focused on checking off each item prior to her death. After visiting the Grand Canyon this week, her final wish has been checked and she can finally relax and celebrate her death that will occur on Saturday.

Brittany Maynard posted on her website, the Brittany Fund, that the experience of the Grand Canyon was breathtaking, along with photos that she posted to commemorate the event.

"The Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful,and I was able to enjoy my time with the two things I love most: my family and nature."
According to WGN TV, the trip was not without its pains and troubles, but it was an experience that she had to endure one time before taking her life this Saturday. Maynard shared that despite the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the experience afterward was quite awful, but worth it.
"Severe headaches and neck pain are never far away, and unfortunately the next morning I had my worst seizure thus far. My speech was paralyzed for quite a while after I regained consciousness, and the feeling of fatigue continued for the rest of the day."
With a life sentence of only six months, Brittany hasn't had much time to worry about the pain, the seizures, or the consequences of checking off the items on her Bucket List. Instead, she has focused on the experiences and her loved ones that are there to support her in her final days. Rather than dwell on frailty and decline of her health, she would rather exit the world while she is still able to remain coherent and make her own decisions, basically to go out with her dignity intact. In a piece she wrote for CNN, Maynard stated that her decision to end her life was made quickly and forced some major changes in her remaining life, including starting over in a new state.
"I quickly decided that death with dignity was the best option for me and my family. We had to uproot from California to Oregon, because Oregon is one of only five states where death with dignity is authorized."
As Saturday draws near, Brittany can finally relax knowing that she has accomplished a lot in her short life, and that others may follow her lead and spread her views and compassion in her absence.

What are your thoughts on Brittany Maynard's decision, do you support her or are you against her?

[Photo Courtesy: Brittany Maynard]