Colorado Man Disappears From Stadium During Broncos-Chargers Game

A Colorado man has disappeared from Sports Authority Field in Denver, and his family is desperately searching for him or any kind of clue as to what may have happened to him.

53-year-old Paul Kitterman went to the Denver Broncos game against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, October 23 and seemed to be having the time of his life. According to Yahoo News, Kitterman told his friend Tia Bakke that he was having an “awesome” time at his first ever Broncos game in person with his son.

That was when the Colorado man disappeared, and Bakke didn’t hear from him again.

Police have gone on to now consider this a missing persons case after Kitterman just appeared to disappear into the crowd at Sports Authority Field. The Denver Broncos went on to defeat the San Diego Chargers and all seemed good for the home crowd, but that was when things got really weird.

Bakke was at the game with Kitterman and his stepson Jarod Tonneson when the Colorado man went to meet up with some friends at halftime. They were scheduled to all meet at gate 8 of the stadium after the game was over, but Kitterman never showed up. It truly was as if he had disappeared.

“We just don’t know what else to do,” Tonneson told The Associated Press on Monday. “Paul is a simple guy, he doesn’t like technology, he doesn’t get into drama. He’s just an easygoing guy.”

Kitterman didn’t have a vehicle, a credit card, only a little bit of cash, and forgot his cellphone. He also had plans to go hunting the next morning with his son, so it’s even more confusing as to why he would just disappear like this.

Denver Police have now gotten involved per US News, and they know that this is a missing persons case that may not be the easiest thing in the world to solve. There were over 76,000 people in attendance at Sports Authority Field, and there were cameras all over the place. One of the biggest problems is that Kitterman was wearing close to the same thing as everyone else.

Even without a phone, Kitterman would have contacted his friends if he could because he knows their phone numbers by heart. Tonneson did say that over the course of about four hours on Thursday, the Colorado man had four or five beers, but not enough to mess with his head or make him want to disappear.

Tonneson and his family are overly concerned and believe the police “don’t seem too worried about it” since Kitterman is a “grown man.”

[Image by Denver Police Department]