‘DWTS’ Maks And Meryl Dating: Chmerkovskiy Gives Confusing ‘Explanation’ Of Relationship With Davis

Maks and Meryl are not dating, but Maks Chmerkovskiy recently gave quite a confusing explanation about the status of his relationship with the Olympic figure skater. According to Christian Today, Maks was quite straight forward when it came to saying that he was not dating Meryl Davis, but the way that he described how she makes him feel sounded like he is completely smitten by her.

“We aren’t dating, and I don’t think we will. She is very special. I care very deeply for Meryl. Our friendship is where it will be for many years. She is awesome to spend time with,” Maks said during an interview with People Magazine. While that may have ended the dating chatter once and for all, his next sentence sounded much different.

“She is so soothing of a personality. For me to go 0 to 100, I take very long, but once you get me going it’s impossible to stop. So, with Meryl, she totally balances me out,” Maks added. This definitely sounds like Meryl is Maks’ other half… almost like she completes him, as cliche as that might sound.

Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis talk frequently and definitely formed a close bond while on Dancing With The Stars together. According to People Magazine, the two will be dancing together at SWAY in New York in December. The two seem really happy to recreate some of their best dances and give people a little bit of “magic.” Even if Maks and Meryl are not dating, they have some pretty incredible chemistry on the dance floor and it’s kind of cool that they are going to dance together again. Most DWTS couples do not dance together again after they have been eliminated from the show…

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maks and Meryl went on a sort of double date with Maks’ brother Val, and his current DWTS partner, Janel Parrish. Don’t worry, there are rumors that Val and Janel are dating as well. It would be pretty awesome if both Chmerkovskiy brothers found love on the show, but if they make some great, long-lasting friendships, that would be pretty awesome too. Fans love seeing the bond between these dance pros and their “students,” romantic or not.

Do you think Maks and Meryl should date? What do you make of Maks’ comments about Meryl balancing him out?

[Photo courtesy of Felipe Prieto via USA Today]