Gene Simmons Women: KISS Frontman Believes Women Should Pretend Men Don’t Exist

Gene Simmons has a message for women. The rocker thinks that women should live their lives independently and “stop depending on men.” According to Fox 411, the KISS frontman has been busy promoting his new book, Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business. In doing so, he has said some interesting things during various interviews. His latest comments were made to Andrea Tantaros on Friday.

“This is a very complex and difficult question to answer so I’m going to put it as simply as possible. Women: Stop depending on men. It’s as simple as that. Imagine there are no men in life. Find out that thing that you’re good for that makes the money and then get married and or have children from a position of strength.”

Although Gene Simmons has had luck with women — namely with his wife Shannon Tweed — he still feels as though women would be better off figuring out their lives first, before getting wrapped up with a guy. In many ways, this is sound advice. However, there are some people that disagree.

“It is a massive failing for me that I didn’t recognize the purity and sanctity of love. Why I didn’t marry Shannon when I first met her and dropped head over heels with her is the stupidity and arrogance and selfishness of man.”

According to Rolling Stone, Simmons has had quite the year when it comes to controversy. While some may think he’s “old” and/or “washed up,” Simmons has been quick to make comments about things from Donald Sterling to suicide. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Simmons made comments about Ray Rice last month that made headlines. During a conversation with Mike & Ike in Philadelphia, the 65-year-old talked about Rice and said that he should become “somebody’s girlfriend” in jail.

“That guy needs, well my opinion is, if he was in jail for a day and became somebody’s girlfriend maybe he’d knew what abuse is like. But that’s another story. I’m against physical violence of anybody. You raise your hand to somebody you should he held accountable, not just in the legal system. It’s unsportsmanlike.”

Gene Simmons isn’t afraid to talk about women or people like Ray Rice. He has been speaking his mind a lot lately, and what he’s saying has people talking. Do you agree with Simmons’ views on women? How about how he feels about Ray Rice?

[Photo courtesy of Billboard]