Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Divorce From Mariah Carey: ‘I Never Hold My Tongue’

Nick Cannon has finally spoken out about his recent divorce from Mariah Carey, having been married to the star for a turbulent three years, explaining that he dealt with it “head-on” as he is not a “hider.”

The America’s Got Talent host said that he isn’t hiding from all of the haters, no matter what is said about him in the media. As per an report over the weekend, in which Cannon said.

“That was a lot of people’s advice, ‘Lay low.’ Being a public figure, of course you don’t ever want to deal with your personal life in the public, but I’m the type of dude I deal with everything head-on. I’m not a hider, I never hold punches, hold my tongue. I’m as candid as I can possibly be, but I try and be as respectful, as classy and the best human being I possibly can be.”

According to Nick, following the split, it’s all about the kids, Moroccan and Monroe, now and he is focusing the bulk of his attentions on their well-being, “It’s truly just staying focused on family and what’s right and getting through these times and just doing what’s right for the kids,” he said on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Rumors abounded recently that Nick Cannon was having some kind of affair with Amber Rose, allegations which he denied vehemently, as E! News reported.

“I don’t pay attention to it, because the beauty about gossip is there’s always another story tomorrow. And when you know what you’re representing, when you’re walking in truth, you’re not really concerned about rumors and lies. My grandfather told me, ‘What other people think about me is really none of my business.'”

Cannon continued to speak about the way he has handled his divorce from Mariah Carey so far, proclaiming confidently that his “actions speak louder than words.”

“Let them think about what they want to think about and ultimately, my actions will speak louder than the words of whatever. So whatever they say on blogs or tabloids or gossip shows, it’s like, ‘Hey, you can say that. Hopefully it’s entertaining. Hopefully it’s working out for you.’ But I’m focusing on the right things and that’s my family and my children.”

If Nick Cannon’s words are to be believed, he has done well so far not to be too emotional, at least where the media is concerned, and has done well not get drawn into petty public arguments with his ex-wife, as Hollywood celebrities so often do.