Is Kate Middleton Too Skinny, Copying Angelina Jolie? Queen Elizabeth Is Worried About Her, Report Says

Kate Middleton may suffer from an eating disorder that has Queen Elizabeth worried that the Duchess is taking after movie star and social activist Angelina Jolie — and that Kate might harm the royal baby she is now carrying by failing to eat property.

That rumor from inside Buckingham Palace is part of a report cited by a celebrity-watching online site and is said to appear in the upcoming issue of the Globe tabloid. Considering the source, the story should be taken with a healthy degree of skepticism. Except for the fact that both Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie have appeared thinner and thinner in many recent photos, so something is apparently going on with both of them.

According to the report, Queen Elizabeth became alarmed when earlier this month she presented Angelina with an honorary damehood — "honorary" only because the mega-star is not a British subject, and titles bestowed by the British monarch are reserved for the British.

But at the ceremony, the bony, rail-thin appearance of Jolie caught the eye of the 88-year-old ceremonial ruler of the Commonwealth of Nations. And not in a good way.

"According to a "source" cited by the tabloid, "Angelina looked so skinny she stunned palace observers, even the Queen expressed surprise. She remarked that Angelina needed some traditional British food like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding to put some meat on her bones."
For Queen Elizabeth, who has spent her entire adult life adhering to strict rules of decorum, to make any sort of a personal remark — if indeed she made such remark to Angelina Jolie — would be highly unusual, even extraordinary, and therefore, is seen as evidence of the Queen's concern for Angelina's health.

But reportedly, she is even more concerned about her own daughter-in-law Kate Middleton — officially known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — who is the mother-to-be of Queen Elizabeth's second great-grandchild.

The Queen has worried in the past that Kate Middleton was too thin and therefore unhealthy, and now that Kate is pregnant with a second royal baby — a baby who would be in a direct line to inherit the British throne if anything were to happen to the first child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George — the Queen fears that Kate is following the same path as Angelina Jolie.

On the other hand, according to other observers, it is Angelina who has been mimicking the style of Kate Middleton. At the ceremony earlier this month, at which the Queen presented the movie star with her honorary damehood — awarded to recognize Jolie's work to combat wartime sexual violence — Angelina wore an uncharacteristically prim, light beige skirt suit that seemed to come right out of the Kate Middleton catalog.