Video Of Cat Trying To Apologize To Another Cat Before Saying Forget It [Video]

A video of a cat trying to apologize to another cat has gone viral on the web. Maybe the viral nature of the video is due to the fact that cats typically don’t try to apologize or it may be how the apology ended.

The video features two black and white cats. However, you can see that one cat doesn’t look to happy and is refusing to face the other cat. Instead of walking away, the cat decides to attempt to “apologize” to the cat by gently pawing at its back. You can see the cat gently push against the other cat’s back trying to get its attention. However, the angry cat does not respond.

Instead, it appears that the apology is not accepted. So what is a person or cat to do when an apology is not accepted? It seems things can quickly go south. This cat had a bright idea; forget the apology and attack again. At the end of the video, you see that cat jump onto the other in full attack mode. Probably not what was expected, hence, why the video has now been viewed over six million times since being uploaded in February of this year. The video was uploaded by a user named LonelyAtma, who says she uploads videos of cats, music and more funny videos.

It isn’t just their cat friends that cats like to attack. Watch as these cats attack their owner’s feet in a way that can only be described as adorable.

Do you think the cat will try for an apology redo? Will it end any better? I guess we will have to wait and find out.