Regis Philbin Says He’s Leaving Talk Show But Not Retiring

Regis Philbin has been a staple of daytime talk for 28 years first alongside Kathy Gifford and then for the last decade alongside current co-host Kelly Ripa but on November 18 the final curtain will come down on the 80-year-old stars final show but don’t think for a moment that means he’s about to retire.

When asked about retiring Philbin told

“Everybody says to me, `Oh, you’re retiring,’” to which he responds:”I’m NOT retiiiiring! I’m MOVING ON!”

When explaining his desire to “move on” and try something new in his career Philbin says:

“This time, I said, `I really would like to do something else before I quit (the TV business).’ And frankly I’d like to have a little time off. I started in 1955 as (an NBC) page over at 30 Rock, so it’s been a long time.”

Regardless of what Philbin decides to do with his life after Live! there’s one thing that’s for certain, his final week on the air will be a memorable once as the TV star is joined by old time friends including Kathie Lee Gifford, Don Rickles, David Letterman, Donald Trumps and others, all who will gather around their old friend and see him off.

Show producers say his final hour on the air will be:

“A moving hourlong tribute to Regis” while adding “with many surprises for Regis and the audience.”

Where Regis plans to end up after he leaves his hit morning talk show is anyone’s guess and right now there just that, guesses. Rumor has it he could end up on a new reality TV show of his own design.

Do you think Regis Philbin will find another TV show to call home at the young age of 80?

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