Jana Duggar Works The Graveyard Shift, Earns Sympathy Of ’19 Kids And Counting’ Fans

Jana Duggar seems to be the go-to girl when the older members of the Duggar family find a job that no one else wants to do.

The eldest Duggar daughter, who has been dubbed “Cinderella Duggar” by fans who feel sorry for her, was recently tasked with driving the Duggar family tour bus in the middle of the night. According to The Epoch Times, the unofficial blog for the 19 Kids and Counting family recently posted a photo of Jana Duggar behind the wheel of the large vehicle.

“Jana Duggar is on tour with Josh and Anna and has been graciously helping drive the bus,” the post accompanying the picture read. “She took the graveyard shift early this morning.”

Even though Jana can be seen smiling in the above photo, some fans posted comments saying that she looks “sad.”

“I felt so sorry for Jana in the lead up to Jill’s wedding,” one fan wrote. “She got dumped with all of the sewing despite the fact several of the girls can sew. She seemed so stressed.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting upset some fans of the show who felt that Jana Duggar was being mistreated. While the rest of her family enjoyed themselves at an afternoon tea party, Jana was slaving away by hemming nine dresses for Jill Dillard’s wedding party.

It’s also been pointed out that poor Jana is usually the Duggar tasked with taking care of her numerous younger siblings, and sometimes it seems as though her parents view her as a nanny or a full-time babysitter. A source close to the 19 Kids and Counting star said that Jana has “been a parent ever since she was 13.”

As Us Weekly reports, Jessa Duggar’s wedding is just days away — she and Ben Seewald will walk down the aisle on November 1. Perhaps Jana is trying to avoid helping with Jessa’s wedding preparations by spending her time with Josh and Anna Duggar on the Stand for Family Bus Tour sponsored by the Family Research Council. According to the Duggar family blog, the tour will last until October 30, just two days before Jessa Duggar’s wedding. E! News reports that the purpose of the bus tour is to support politicians who oppose same sex marriage and abortion.

What do you think of Jana Duggar’s late night bus driving job? Is her family continuing to use and abuse her and is the single 19 Kids and Counting star on the bus tour because she doesn’t want to help Jessa Duggar with her wedding preparations?

[Image credits: Wikia, Duggar Family Blog]