Jana Duggar Mistreated? Fans Furious Over ‘Cinderella’ Treatment Of Jana On Recent Episodes

Enough is enough for many 19 Kids and Counting fans when it comes to Jana Duggar being placed on the back burner.

In the “Duggar Girls Go Glam” episode that aired on Sept. 30, Jana was stuck hemming nine bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for Jill’s wedding while the rest of the family enjoyed an afternoon tea party. Star Magazine notes that many are beginning to compare Jana to Cinderella since she seems to constantly be working for the family taking care of children and chores, but missing out on some of the fun. One blog commenter thinks Jana is simply “too sweet to say no to Jill.”

“I felt kind of sad for Jana being the one pushed into doing the alterations. I felt she is too sweet to say ‘no’ to Jill, like Cinderella.”

In the show it appeared that Jana herself couldn’t understand why she got tasked with completing all the dresses alone. Note that all of the Duggar girls know how to sew, so why was poor Jana left alone to slave away at the sewing machine while everyone else enjoyed some tea? That is the question of the year for many Jana-loving Duggar fans.

Many Twitter users also noted the mistreatment of Jana on the show as she takes a backseat to her younger siblings’ weddings. Some pointing out that being the full-time babysitter for the group is taking a toll on the oldest Duggar daughter.

Being The Duggar Family’s Spinster Babysitter Is Starting To Take Its Toll On Ole Jana http://t.co/NIWwYJetlH — Beatrix Kiddo (@Btrixxkiddo) October 9, 2014

Radar Online reports that a person close to the Duggar family feels sorry for Jana.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do. Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her. Ever since she was young, she’s had to watch over the house while Jim Bob and Michelle would go out for date night alone. She looks so tired and worn down sometimes. You can’t help but feel bad for her, having to take on all that responsibility at a young age. It’s like she’s been a parent ever since she was 13! It’s sad.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that rumors were swirling that Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t want Jana to enter into a courtship because they needed her for babysitting duty.

Some fans are also upset that Jana seems to frequently be missing from episodes or is only featured briefly. However, this could be due to Jana’s busy schedule and private nature. Jana is one of the only older Duggars without an active social media presence. It is also important to note that Jana is training to be a midwife, is a trained volunteer firefighter, considering a nursing degree and does extensive charity work. It is hard to imagine Jana Duggar just sitting at home all day slaving away for the family with such a full plate outside of the home.

What do you think? Is Jana Duggar mistreated on the show? Is she the “Cinderella Duggar?”