Hospital Seizes Custody When Eight-Year-Old Jaxon’s Parents Ask For A Second Opinion

Jaxon Adams is only eight and is mildly autistic. He just wants to go home, but he can’t. His parents are being treated like criminals because they dared question authority and ask for a second opinion about the care of their child under Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Advocates for the family are fighting to get their story told because the family has received threats telling them to shut up about their son’s case or else.

Tiffany and Jason are not abusive parents. They are not neglectful. They are the normal family down the street with a stay-at-home mom, trying to do their best to provide for and take care of their family. But they are being punished, in the most devastating way imaginable, for the “crime” of seeking a second opinion and disagreeing with a diagnosis – a diagnosis that flies in the face of years of their son’s history and the family’s experience, according to Health Impact News.

If this sounds eerily like the Justina Pelletier case at Boston Children’s Hospital or the case of the two Deigel sisters at Phoenix Children’s Hospital that The Inquisitr has previously reported, that is because it is – frighteningly similar.

Jaxon recently told his sister that his doctor, Dr. Amber Hoffman of the Beacon Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital, came into his room where he was crying for his parents, and told him to “suck it up and stop crying.” She then told him words that would make every parent’s blood boil, words that should NEVER have been said to a little boy.

“If I have it my way, you’ll never see your mommy and daddy again.”

An advocate posted on the “Saving Jaxon” Facebook page that on the last visit (one of only three since the medical kidnapping occurred on September 18), “Jaxx seemed very disengaged.”

“You could just tell his little heart is so confused….he’s only 8 and he’s a very immature 8 because of the autism. Several times during the visit Jaxon tried to divulge information on what children’s mercy hospital tried to do with him while he was there by himself for 2 weeks. Mom and dad had to change the subject. They are not allowed to talk to him about it even though they are all he knows. He only trusts them he’s trying to be strong on the outside but it’s killing him internally they were able to see it in his eyes. Jaxon has lost trust in everything and everyone.”

When he asked them why they are ignoring him, he said in exasperation, “But I’m not done telling you.”

The once happy Jaxon is confused and scared. So are his parents, who both told The Inquisitr that they thought that people were innocent until proven guilty in America. They feel as though they are living a nightmare and are devastated that Jaxon is not with them, when they have done nothing that any other parent in their shoes wouldn’t have done.

Other than a minor ear infection that delayed his six month shots till he was eight months, he was a healthy baby, reaching all the milestones up until that point. After he was eight months old, there were hints here and there of a bit of a slow-down. At age four, he was struggling to keep up with his soccer teammates, and his parents took him in for testing. At that time, he was diagnosed with ADHD and mild autism. Later, he began having seizures and was put on medications for epilepsy.

His parents also learned that he had a number of food allergies, including a severe nut allergy. Eating became a battle because so many things were making him sick. Doctors decided to insert a feeding tube. At one point doctors wanted to put him on anxiety medications, but he reacted so badly to the meds that his parents decided against those. A couple of doctors suspected mitochondrial disease.

Because of his special needs, the Adams were presented with the option of taking him to the Beacon Clinic, a part of Children’s Mercy Hospital. The clinic was presented to parents as a great place to bring special needs kids, because they could have all of the child’s care in one place and get in and out of appointments easier. What the Adams later learned was that the Beacon Clinic is a special clinic that children suspected of abuse are funneled into, and, according to Cafemom, “where they were observed under a program that receives of $40 million/yr. in grants to do drug research through the Univ. Of Missouri Kansas City.”

When Tiffany Adams became concerned that Jaxon was not gaining weight under Nurse-Practioner Ingrid Larson’s care at Beacon Clinic, she did her own research and put Jaxon on a diet where he was actually gaining some weight. She began to question the care protocols for his feeding that Larson’s office recommended because they weren’t working.

Jaxon Weight Gain

Jaxon began having fainting spells, including one incident where he passed out while riding his electric scooter. The Beacon Clinic team decided that they were psychosomatic. They then proclaimed that all of Jaxon’s symptoms were in his head and his parents needed to ignore them.

The family hired a medical malpractice attorney to look into Jaxon’s medical records and analyze his care under NP Larson and the Beacon Clinic.

On September 15, Jaxon had an appointment with Larson. Her supervisor, Dr. Hoffman, met with the Adams, who told her that they were skeptical of the diagnosis of Jaxon’s symptoms being psychosomatic, and that they wanted a second opinion.

That is when Dr. Hoffman began to threaten the family.

“I want you to know big hospitals take kids away from families for this stuff.”

By “this stuff,” she actually meant for seeking a second opinion. (Did we miss that basic right being taken away somewhere? Where is that law written?)

Three days later, CPS showed up at the Adams’ home and seized Jaxon, taking him to Children’s Mercy Hospital. The Child Protective Services investigator admitted that they had not reviewed a single medical record, but that their actions were based on one statement, made by Dr. Hoffman – that Jaxon was at risk of his organs shutting down from lack of food, and that he was in “imminent danger.” She also said, according to Health Impact News, that they have been building a case against them for six months, and that they had all the evidence they needed.

This accusation was made in direct contradiction of her own assertion to the Adams that all of Jaxon’s problems were in his head. Organs are in no danger of shutting down if it is all in his head.

The treatment that Jaxon has received since being taken from his home has terrorized him. He tried to escape down the stairwell. The phone in his room was removed when he tried to phone home. He didn’t know where his family was or why they had abandoned him. His tears were mocked and worse.

The hospital took him off of every medication he was on. Then, when it was discovered that he actually needed them and wasn’t making up his symptoms, each medication except one was added back in.

Jaxon Hospitalized

Young Jaxon has only been permitted a couple of visits with his parents, who report that they miss him terribly. Jaxon’s absence has left a great big gaping hole in their lives. They are scared for their little boy.

Especially frightening are some things the Adams family has learned about the hospital where Jaxon was kidnapped. Not only does the Beacon Clinic funnel children there for observation in search of a crime, Dr. James Anderst secretly works there, behind the scenes, without families’ knowledge or consent, with full access to their children’s medical records. He is also on the staff of the SCAN Clinic, which is a research center at Children’s Mercy for “child abuse and neglect,” according to the hospital website. There are large amounts of grant money involved. Dr. Anderst recently bragged that he had seen about 40 cases this year in Kansas City alone of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, which he is accusing the Adams of, in which a parent makes up medical symptoms for attention. Munchausen’s is considered by most medical experts to be extremely rare.

Sources close to Jaxon’s family tell us that the Adams have been threatened that they need to stop talking about their son’s case. A gag order has not yet been put in place, however. Justina Pelletier’s parents, as well as the two Deigel sisters’ parents, had a gag order placed on them. Lou Pelletier defied that order and was threatened with jail time for speaking out. However, he has expressed the belief that his daughter would have died in the Boston Children’s Hospital had they not spoken out and got media and public attention on her case.

Many families have been cowed into silence as they try to play the game to get their children back. CPS is supposed to be about taking children from abusive, dangerous homes. It was never meant to be the henchmen for hospitals trying to get subjects for medical studies. Wards of the state can legally be used as lab rats for medical research. Is that what is happening here? It is not a crime to seek a second opinion. It is certainly not a crime to question medical care for oneself or one’s children. There is no law that says that anyone must agree with a medical diagnosis, especially when the evidence shows otherwise.

Since Jaxon’s story is getting out, parents are understandably upset. Many want to help bring Jaxon home. Some are posting comments on the Children’s Mercy Hospital Facebook page. Others are planning to call Governor Jay Nixon‘s office, as well as their legislators. Many are praying and sharing support on the “Saving Jaxon” Facebook page. Tiffany and Jason Adams just want their son Jaxon back home. Asking for a second opinion is not a crime.

“We want our son’s story heard as near and as far and as loud and as clear as we can before they make us close our mouths. He’s voiceless right now. It’s our duty as his parents to be his voice when he’s voiceless.”

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