Mila Kunis Could Have Baby No. 2 As Soon As She ‘Feels Sexy Again’

Mila Kunis could have baby No. 2 as soon as she “feels sexy again.” A few days ago, an insider told Radar Online that Mila “can’t wait” to bring her sexy back. She’s doing yoga and cardio to get her body back in the condition she wants it. She just gave birth to daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, on October 1.

Husband Ashton Kutcher is said to want another baby as soon as possible. A source speaking with E! News claims although Mila is willing to wait a while before that happens, she wants a sibling for Wyatt close to her age.

“Ashton is already mentioning baby No. 2. Mila laughs and tells him to slow down! But she wants another baby and to have it close to Wyatt’s age so they can be close.”

The source also says Mila is trying to get her body back to its pre-pregnancy size, but she’s “not going crazy.” In fact, she’s letting herself indulge in a few “bad” foods, which Ashton enjoys as well.

“Mila has been spending a lot of time trying to lose the baby weight, which is slowly coming off. She’s not too stressed about it but does want to get back into her skinny jeans. She says she has so many sizes of clothes in her closet. She has post-baby sizes, maternity clothes, pre-baby sizes and then her ‘Black Swan’ clothes, which are the smallest sizes she owns.

“She has been doing yoga and cardio but still isn’t going crazy. They enjoy bad food as well, and she indulges when she wants.”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have all kinds of Halloween costumes they’re dressing Wyatt in to see how she looks in them. The couple reportedly enjoys parenthood, and plan to spend Halloween evening with friends. Some have kids and some don’t, according to the E! Online insider. Ashton and Mila look forward to watching the kids go trick-or-treating around their neighborhood.

When it comes to the holidays, their plans are “up in the air,” the source says. They might travel to Ohio to visit Ashton’s parents, but they very much like being at home relaxing with their newborn right now.

Will it be announced that Mila is pregnant again sooner than later?

The Inquisitr wrote about Mila Kunis seen driving around Los Angeles last week while running errands. Wyatt was reportedly in the back seat, but the photographer wasn’t able to get her picture.

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