Kate Gosselin Yard Sale: Jon Gosselin Shows Up, Wants ‘Junk’ Back?

Kate Gosselin and her kids held a yard sale on Saturday, and someone surprising showed up: Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin. According to TMZ, Jon was at the event to check out some of the items that Kate had decided to sell. The site made it seem as though Jon wanted to be sure that none of his things were being sold without his knowledge. Since he’s reportedly “broke,” chances are he wanted some of his stuff back — or maybe he wanted to make sure that if any thing he previously bought was there, he’d get the money for it.

It is unknown if Jon called before he showed up or if he helped out at all, but photos of him at Kate’s place were a little awkward. Seeing him and Kate together is strange since the two reportedly despise each other. However, if Jon was on hand to help out or just to hang out with his kids, there’s nothing really wrong with that. Actually, many would consider that a positive thing.

Kate Gosselin took to Twitter after several negative comments about her yard sale surfaced. She wanted everyone to know that she wasn’t selling her old things to actually make a profit. In fact, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate said that a portion of the proceeds from her yard sale would be donated to the animal rescue league.

The day was a success overall, and Kate later tweeted about it.

While some immediately thought that Kate’s yard sale was a sign that she was having “money problems,” that is simply not the case. According to The International Business Times, Kate and her kids are still making a good amount of money thanks to TLC.

“The [yard] sale comes two months after TLC announced Kate and her family (minus Jon) would be returning for new episodes of ‘Kate Plus 8’ in December… Kate will make more than $40,000 per episode, a paycheck which insiders claim the mom of eight could not afford to turn down.”

[Photo courtesy of X17 Online via Fox News]