Chihuahua Thrown Against Starbucks Window: Man Throws Small Dog In Spiteful Rage Against Starbucks Owner

A Chihuahua thrown against a Starbucks window in Houston has shocked animal lovers. A man callously threw a four-pound dog against the glass of the coffee shop so hard it sounded as if the glass was about to break.

According to KHOU 11, the incident happened Tuesday around 9:30 p.m. The man who threw the animal was spiteful at the Starbucks owner.

It was feared the pup wouldn’t survive, but police say the pup is recovering and in good care after the traumatic event.

Larry McHale was arrested at the Starbucks located at 8821 Westheimer. He’s charged with animal abuse. It’s unknown if the dog belongs to McHale. He allegedly threw the innocent dog in a spiteful rage against the store’s manager, Jasmine Hyder. He accused him of caring more about animals than humans.

“It was so loud, the window sounded like it was going to break. He’s like, you don’t care about humans. You only care about a dog.”

Hyder says he banned McHale from going into his Starbucks store for the last three months because he was harassing customers all the time and would start chaos. Why the man would suddenly throw a Chihuahua against the store’s window is puzzling. Witnesses tell police that McHale was yelling and smashed a bottle on the ground before throwing the dog.

“It’s an innocent dog, and you sabotaged the dog’s life for no reason,” says Hyder.

Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility picked up the injured dog and transferred her to Frisky Paws Rescue, where work begins to find her a forever home. She suffered a broken back leg and the injury requires pins and plates to be surgically inserted, costing about $1,000. Donations for her care can be made at

The Chihuahua is affectionately called “Starbucks” by vet techs and volunteers who cared for her. Nela Brown of Frisky Paws Rescue is seeing that the puppy recovers. It’s beyond comprehension to Brown how someone can take an animal and treat it like this.

“Why would you do this to a little dog? This dog never hurt anyone, but we’re going to save her no matter what he did. How in the world can someone take such a tiny animal and use it to vent their anger.”

Brown says it’s a miracle the small dog survived after being thrown by the cruel man. There wasn’t an explanation for why McHale thought Hyder cared more about animals. It’s good news that the Chihuahua thrown by him will recover and hopefully find a good home very soon.

[Image via KHOU 11]