‘Doctor Who’: Is Clara Leaving?

After a rough start, many Doctor Who fans are finally warming up to Miss Clara Oswald, Doctor Who companion and speaker of sass. Yet, after a strong performance in Series 8, could the Coal Hill School English teacher be ready to leave The Doctor? (Warning, minor Series 8 spoilers may follow).

Series 8, of course, saw the regeneration of the 11th Doctor (actually the 13th but who’s counting). Peter Capaldi stepped into Matt Smith’s wing tips and has proven a masterful Doctor. Some feel Miss Oswald, played by Jenna Louise-Coleman, is not long for the T.A.R.D.I.S. as well.

Evidence of a possible departure may have peeked it’s head in last night’s “Forest of the Night,” according to Tim Liew of Metro UK. After Clara lies, again, this time to The Doctor, Liew thinks we might have seen the impetus for a Doctor / Clara split.

Might she be forced into a situation where she gives up the life of adventure she adores in order to save the Doctor, or at least serve his best interests?

Clara and The Doctor have, of course, come to loggerheads over a couple of different issues this season. Most notably, as seen in “Kill the Moon,” Clara took umbrage with The Doctor’s callous treatment of her and the other humans facing an impossible decision. In subsequent episodes, The Doctor has shown Clara just how difficult the job of “Last of the Time Lords” can be.

Could Steven Moffat be planting seeds for another major casting change?

An August report from the Daily Mirror claims Clara will be leaving the Doctor during the annual Christmas special.

The actress, 28, is believed to be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant in a sensational Christmas storyline. Her exit could bring an end to her 18 months as Clara Oswald, creating a vacancy for another sidekick to star alongside new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.

Changing companions is, of course, nothing new to fans of Doctor Who. The Doctor has seen seven different companions in eight seasons (even more when you include classic Doctor Who seasons). That number doesn’t include the ancillary companions like Mickey, Sally Sparrow, Madame de Pompador, or Vastra, characters who befriended and/or traveled with The Doctor for a handful of episodes.

Change is part of the Doctor Who experience. Cast turnover has always been a part of the show. Will the cast change again? Only time (and relative dimension in space) will tell.

The Doctor Who Series 8 two-part finale begins November 1.

[Photo Courtesy of BBC]