Bent Your iPhone 6 Plus And Apple Won’t Replace It? Here’s A Simple Solution – Unbend It With This Tool

By now, the world has realized that the large iPhone 6 Plus can get bent somewhere in the middle. There are hundreds of videos online that exhibit this phenomenon, but none of them tell you how you can address the situation. Fortunately, a company has come up with a simple solution to literally straighten out the problem – just unbend your beloved iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple has certainly upped the ante by treading the now tried and trusted path of simply increasing the screen size and throwing in the additional hardware upgrades. However, as is customary these days, reducing the thickness of the phone received a higher priority than paying attention to its ergonomics. In the end, the company apparently skimped on offering adequate structural reinforcements to the entire frame.

The New Large Screened iPhone 6 Plus Can Get Bent Out Of Shape

The result is that the new iPhone is prone to bending. That is not really its advertised feature, and can pull your hair, break down, or even burst into flames in worst case scenarios when the battery breaks. However, a far more common occurrence seems to be a slight bend in the phone, which doesn’t seem to have much effect on the functionality, but aesthetically looks like a disaster. The social media is currently abuzz with Twitter hashtags #bendgate and #burngate.

Sadly, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover such physical damage, so you are pretty much on your own if this happens to you. If you happen to have invested in this new “bendable” handset, all hope is not lost yet. A company who calls itself gTool has come up with a rather rudimentary tool to fix the bend.

gTool's PanelPress Is A Simple Solution That Will Carefully Unbend Your Bent iPhone

gTool is offering PanelPress, a simple solution to “unbend” the iPhone 6 Plus. However, the tool will only come in handy if the iPhone isn’t bent so much that it has stopped working.

The PanelPress looks like a vice with two arms at the far ends to secure the top and bottom of the iPhone with an adjustable moving support at the centre that needs to be matched with the bend-line on the iPhone. Once the vice arms and the support is carefully aligned with an iPhone, whose screen is advised to be removed to ensure its safety, all the unfortunate user needs to do is tighten the arm nearest to the bend-line to slowly start unbending the iPhone 6 Plus.

Priced at around $290, the PanrelPress certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, but the ingenuity, simplicity, and timing of the launch may certainly be appreciated since Apple doesn’t seem to have done anything so far, besides promising a solution.

[Image Credit | gTool, Unbox Therapy/YouTube]