Boys Bend And Destroy iPhone 6 Displays In Apple Store: You Bend, You Buy! [Video]

There is an old saying, “One bad apple can spoil the bunch.” How much will two bad apples spoil? The two bad apples in reference here are two British boys who think they are rather funny by destroying someone else’s property and filming it for YouTube.

The two pea-brained teens are Danny and Kylie who, after hearing complaints that some Apple customers had issues with their iPhone 6 bending, decided to visit their local Apple store and try to bend their displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Verge reports Danny and Kylie claimed they asked a sales clerk if it was true that the iPhone 6 Plus would bend, and the Apple employee denied the rumors. Surely, the clerk was only thinking the boys meant under normal usage, and the fact that there have only been nine complaints. In comparison to the number of iPhones sold, it doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming issue, according to IOS 8 Beta Download.

As the two clowns filmed themselves, revealing their names and faces, they set out to prove the sales clerk wrong. During the process of struggling to bend the iPhones, they film themselves destroying at least four iPhones, putting their damage in the range of $3,000, according to The Verge.

And don’t give them pity by saying, “Boys will be boys.” No, these boys knew exactly what they were doing. Kylie knew it was wrong by his comment revealed by The Verge.

“If we got caught, we’d end up paying for the phone, so we had to get out of there quite quick.”

Kyle doesn’t know when to stop talking, because he continues to incriminate himself with criminal charges.

“The reason why we were laughing a lot of the time is just because it was really funny; we were in the Apple Store bending and breaking their iPhone. That’s, like, criminal damage, I guess. I don’t even care to be honest, because it’s Apple’s fault.”

Spoken truly like someone who doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. Don’t most criminals claim to be the victim? Somehow Apple made them do this horrible criminal activity.

What has happened to our society today that we feel we have the right to walk into a place of business and destroy their property and feel we have the right to do so? Why is that funny? It’s not. It’s sick.

Yes, Apple has acknowledged that there have been some issues with the iPhone 6 plus, and before purchasing, these are valid questions to ask. There is research that can be done. It’s called Consumer Reports. And Apple has hired companies to do tests on their durability. Apple doesn’t need or want your help.

So, back to the adage about the bad apples spoiling the bunch. Apple stores will most certainly be on the lookout for copycats who will come into their stores like these idiots to try and bend the iPhones. What this means for the normal customer is it is possible that the Apple stores will no longer have their products displayed for demonstration.

One thing we truly like about the Apple store is being able to have “hands on” trials with their products. Hopefully these two buffoons haven’t ruined that for the rest of us.

[Photo Credit: Business Insider]

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