‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Unimpressed With WWE Handling Of Cesaro

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t been impressed with how the WWE has handled Cesaro, and he believes that a “big money run” is coming for the Swiss Superman as a babyface, adding that it could be sooner rather than later.

This admission came on the most recent episode of the family-friendly Steve Austin Show podcast earlier this week.

Talking to a caller who felt that Cesaro wasn’t being “pushed enough,” Austin shared his thoughts.

“I think they [WWE] will in a war of attrition. There’s so many injuries, the roster is so thin, you’ve got to give this guy a green light push and I think he was headed for a babyface run, then he kind of got off track. They put him with Paul Heyman. And just left to his own devices, I think his work is so strong that people will respect him and be drawn to him. That being said, he’s got to find a way to really identify with the people.”

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has long admitted to being one of the biggest fans there is for Cesaro, but he has repeatedly said that the current WWE superstar’s game is missing “one or two things,” though none of those things come in the form of Cesaro’s in-ring work.

In a previous episode of the SAS, Austin named Cesaro his favorite wrestler on the current WWE roster, going so far as to name the wrestler as the guy he would have to replace an injured Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31. On that edition, he had this to say.

“I’ve been impressed with that guy’s work for a long time. Sometimes he still overcompensates facially and tries to, you know, his facials could be better. His work is very good. He and Sheamus have great chemistry. I thought, in my opinion, the Sheamus-Cesaro match was the Match of the Night [at Night of Champions], and I thought Cesaro was gaining momentum when he split off from [Jack] Swagger and Zeb Colter, and they put him with Paul E. [Heyman].

“But I thought from a respect standpoint, fans were starting to gain interest in him without a green light push — just out of respect for his strength and athletic ability and his work ability. He still is missing a thing here or there, but he’s gonna find that. And I don’t know if it’s shaving his head bald, if that kind of Jason Statham look is the best look for him. He continues to put the pieces together, but if there’s anybody that’s a bright spot on the roster, now more than ever, it’s Cesaro in my opinion.”

What do you think, readers? Is a Cesaro push on the way, or is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin giving the WWE too much credit? Share your thoughts in our comments section.