Bill Maher Weighs In On Ferguson Incident, Calls Michael Brown A ‘Thug,’ Angers Viewers

The situation in Ferguson is being watched closely as the trial for the police officer who shot Michael Brown continues. The Inquisitr has kept up with the latest news on the situation, in which a recent autopsy and toxicology report shows that Michael Brown had marijuana in his system and cast doubts that he was running away from Officer Darren Wilson. The new evidence, however, has sparked more anger among the communities, resulting in riots near the Ferguson Police Station.

However, for some people, the new evidence is enough to turn their opinions around about the Ferguson incident. One such person is Bill Maher, who weighed in on the Ferguson incident, saying that Michael Brown was a “thug.” These words however have angered his viewers as they took to social media.

According to IJReview, Bill Maher was on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher when he weighed in on the Michael Brown shooting. The video below details his take on the situation.

The words Bill Maher specifically said that are causing major backlash for him came right after he expressed his opinion about Darren Wilson.

“I’m sorry, but Michael Brown’s people say he is a gentle giant. Well, we saw that video when he was in that 7-11. No, he wasn’t a gentle. He was committing a robbery and he pushed that guy. He was acting like a thug, not a gentle giant. He certainly didn’t deserve to be shot for it.”

Examiner also reported on Bill Maher’s words, in which they specifically wrote that he is absolutely correct to point out the surveillance footage showing Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. They wrote that even though Brown’s family claims it would only make Michael look bad, it is the only authentic piece of evidence accurately showing the 18-year-old man’s behavior in the moments leading up to his death.

Despite the evidence, many of Bill Maher’s fans are turning on him after he made his statement. Most of them have taken to social media on the matter.

Smearing a dead black teenager as a thug, @billmaher reaching new heights of douchebaggery.

— Murtaza Hussain (@MazMHussain) October 25, 2014

What do you think about Bill Maher’s views regarding the Michael Brown shooting? Is it in his right to express his opinion, or should he be punished since it wasn’t, as the Examiner reports, “politically correct?”