Watch As A Drunk Homophobe Gets Taken Down In Dallas, Texas [Video]

On Thursday afternoon, a presumably drunk man at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport tried to attack a person he thought was a gay man, and was subsequently tackled and subdued by bystanders. As reported by Raw Story, the aggressor began the altercation by shouting slurs and curse words at the man, simply because the man was wearing a pink shirt.

As a crowd of people began to gather, including a man in a black cowboy hat, the situation quickly got out of hand.

The man in the black cowboy hat asked the bully what his problem was, and as The Daily Kos relayed, the man responded with, “Queers, that’s what I’m upset about. This faggot right here.”

Then the homophobe kicked and tried to throw a punch at the man in the pink shirt and the men in the crowd, including the man in the black cowboy hat sprang to action, tackling the homophobe to the ground.

Warning: The video contains adult language

Airport police quickly joined the fracas, pulling the heroic bystanders off the homophobe as the bully shouted that “this is America.” The man refused to give his name to the police after he was handcuffed and even threatened more physical violence as soon as he was able to stand. The police escorted the offender away. The incident, which was caught on video, clearly shows the homophobe was the instigator of the incident, even going so far to interrupt the pink-shirted man’s phone conversation with his slurs. As the crowd of people began to gather, the homophobe seemed to get more and more riled up until he broke out in physical confrontation.

Neither the names of the hate monger nor the man in the pink shirt have not been released. The hero’s name in the black cowboy hat is also unknown at this time. One thing is for certain from this video: Real Texans don’t stand for hate, and will resolve to physical restraint when needed to keep bigots, bullies, and hate mongers in check when the situation arises. Even though, as reported in The Inquisitr, the Texas GOP denied a gay rights group a booth at a recent convention, it seems that Texans won’t stand for this kind of behavior. What do you think about this incident? Do you agree with the aggressor? Do you think the man in the black cowboy hat did the right thing? Sound off below.