If Latest Michelle Obama and Mark Udall Gaffs Are Any Indication, Dems In for Rocky Election Season

When top political figures like Michelle Obama are out stumping for candidates in your party, it’s got to be tough when they cannot even get names straight. When they attempt to cross a racial divide using quotes of solidarity and hatchet them horribly, things are definitely not going well.

That was this week on the campaign trail for First Lady Michelle Obama where she confused candidate names in Colorado, apparently promoting the Republican candidate, was treated to a badly botched quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. by the Colorado Democratic candidate, Mark Udall, and then gaffed on the name of the Iowa candidate and blamed it on “old age.”

It all started when Michelle Obama went out on the campaign trail for the Democratic Party in hopes of reviving interest among Dem voters in key elections. Her stump, reported in The Telegraph, is being done to help candidates dropping in the polls see some energy injected into their campaigns.

Except, some Republicans might joke, like her husband, Obama cannot make speeches without a teleprompter. It began earlier this month when Michelle Obama appeared at an Iowa rally at Drake University to support U.S. Senate candidate Bob Braley. She repeatedly called the candidate “Bailey” and, when finally corrected by the crowd, she laughed and said “I’m losing it. I’m getting old. I’ve been traveling too much.” This mistake did not get past Russia Today and other news outlets.

From there it kept going downhill, it appears. At another rally in Colorado on Thursday, the first lady once again confused candidates. This was after the candidate himself badly botched a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote when introducing Michelle Obama to the crowd. The Washington Times and the Daily Caller report that Udall, referencing the election of President Obama, said “I’m so proud of our country. We showed that Dr. Martin Luther King had it right, which is that, America, at our best, we judge people by the content of their color.”

Udall caught his own gaffe, at least, and tried to repair it on stage, repeating the quote and writing off his mistake as “getting it right both ways.” Michelle, for her part, took the podium and furthered the series of mistakes, this time referring to the history of the Republican candidate in reference to the candidate she was supporting. Obama said that Udall, a native of Arizona, was a fifth-generation Coloradan (which his opponent, Gardner, is). She seemed to completely forget that Udall’s father was a 40-year Congressman from Arizona, according to the Washington Times.

Things are not going well for First Lady Michelle Obama this election season, it appears.